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Insights How AtkinsRéalis supports military spouses through Partnering with Armed Forces

Naomi Spratt recently joined AtkinsRéalis, in Aerospace, Defence, Security and Technology (ADS&T). A talented Management Information Consultant in aerospace & defence, Naomi is also a member of our armed forces community – her husband is in the RAF and will soon be a veteran. Here's her story:

My truly amazing job inside AtkinsRéalis

As a Management Information Consultant, I guide businesses on compliance, interpreting management data across engineering, design and project management. And how do I make a difference? I promote sustainability in everything I do, leading digital transformation and reducing waste and energy use. I use tools to assess a company's environmental footprint, guiding eco-friendly strategies. By improving efficiency, I lower resource use and ensure environmental regulation compliance. I also promote a culture of environmentally-responsibility by supporting transparent sustainability reporting.

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AtkinsRéalis looked beyond the typical CV and saw me.

Partnering with the Armed Forces (PwAF) is an AtkinsRéalis programme that supports reserves or ex-personnel – from finding work to settling into civilian life and career progression. One of the things they do really well is looking at ex-force and military spouses' CVs with an open mind...

I've had quite a squiggly career over the past decade or so. A significant career challenge was relocating multiple times due to my husband's job, limiting me to temporary work for several years. That said, I held interesting roles in the Police, managing Freedom of Information Requests as an Information Provision Officer and overseeing surveillance applications as a Covert Authorities Bureau Officer.

I have worked as an Occupational Health Administrator and I have handled Security Vetting among other roles.

Transferrable skills can trump specific job skills.

Being married to someone in the military often means being resilient, a trait commonly attributed to military spouses, and for good reason. Dealing with my husband's unpredictable work schedule – with frequent last-minute changes and delays – made planning our personal life challenging. We sometimes had to alter our family plans, only to find his work trips rescheduled again. In addition, being detail-oriented has proven essential, especially when managing travel and expenses. Plus, my experience helping people improve their resumes has been very useful!

I started a support group on Facebook for British Armed Forces spouses seeking employment a decade ago. What began with just me and some friends has grown to over 2.2K members. In addition to providing CV support in the group, I've consulted for Recruit for Spouses, a social enterprise supporting military spouses in job-seeking, and helped Afghan refugees in the UK Anglicise their CVs.

-Naomi Spratt, Consultant, ADS&T

Resilience and a clear head required: our move to Scotland…

Not yet married, we faced a big challenge when my partner got assigned to RAF Leuchars, especially since he was away on a three-month tour to the Falklands when our relocation date got moved. I was left to find a place for us to live whilst he was on the other side of the world. As an unmarried couple, we didn't qualify for a Married Quarter, so I needed to find a private rental. It wasn't simple. I was looking in NE Scotland, a six-hour drive from Lincoln, and, as I was about to be jobless, I couldn't sign a lease. I arranged for the leasing agency to fax the tenancy agreement to my partner in the Falklands, so he could sign for a house he'd never seen. Yes, I'm talking about a fax machine in 2007! This stressful time tested my time management and organisational skills.

Recently, for my role, I had to attend a training course in London. Travelling that far alone made me nervous. However I did it - resilience, time management, and organisational skills to the fore!

AtkinsRéalis and, in particular, PwAF have been really supportive.

It was great to join and find a friendly, supportive community, especially as this is a different working environment than I'm used to. PwAF has a Yammer group, which I joined after hearing about it on my Induction Day. I posted an introductory post and received so many comments from people welcoming me and generally just being supportive. It's a nice feeling. You know that if you're struggling, there are people you can reach out to who get it.

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Flexibility to take care of myself

My husband works long shifts and spends time away, so the flexibility to work from home is a godsend. At times, I suffer with my mental health. We have a dog and a cat, and it's lovely to have my furry office buddies there with me when my husband is away!

Did you know? AtkinsRéalis has been the proud holder of the Military of Defence Gold Employer Recognition Award since 2015, reflecting our support and advocacy for our Armed Forces. Find out more and browse live roles.