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Insights Here's why you need to take your Cities & Development career to Bangalore, India

Bangalore, India is among the world’s top 10 fastest-growing cities with an average economic growth rate of 8.5 per cent. With heavy investment in infrastructure in the region, this presents an excellent opportunity to grow your Cities and Development career and take it to new heights with Atkins India. 

What is a career in Cities and Development? 

A career in Cities and Development involves working towards the planning, design, and construction of sustainable built environments. Professionals in this field aim to help solve the world’s biggest challenges when it comes to city living by addressing various aspects such as Municipal Infrastrucutre, Urban Development, Residential Living, Education and more. 

Our people at Atkins India work on large, technically complex projects from concept to completion. From making the daily commute safer for millions of people to designing an iconic hotel, you’ll be driving innovation that ensures our cities are better today and into the future. 

Here are three reasons why you should consider taking your Cities and Development career to Bangalore, India: 

1. Technological advancements 

Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India, a technological hub and the heart of innovation and advancements. Well, what does this mean for Cities and Development? 

Technology can be leveraged to address urban challenges by enabling the efficient management of resources, improving urban planning processes, and connectivity and mobility between cities which all contribute to the enhancement of quality of life. 

We’re at our best when combining new technologies with forward-thinking. By bringing together our experts, and powerful technologies we are able to help our clients master a fast-changing world. Are you ready to redefine engineering by thinking boldly, proudly and differently with Atkins India? 

2. Access to industry experts and new opportunities 

Being a thriving hub for technology, and Cities and Development, Bangalore brings in experts and thought leaders from across the globe. 

If you are someone who is keen to progress your career and deepen your knowledge of Cities and Development, you’ll have access to leading professionals, academics, and researchers who have made significant contributions to global projects. 

As an Atkins employee, your career advancement is of paramount importance to us. After all, your technical competencies help us gain a competitive advantage. So we'll make sure you will enjoy opportunities for niche development at every career stage.

3. A vibrant work environment and culture 

Bangalore hosts a dynamic work environment that is both vibrant and conducive to professional growth and development. You can expect a highly collaborative culture where Cities and Development professionals are encouraged to take initiative and drive projects. 

This atmosphere attracts a diverse community of professionals who speak many languages and are from all walks of life. It’s this mix of exciting ideas, perspectives and experiences that gives us our leading edge. 

Our culture at Atkins is a highly sociable one, so there’s always something fun happening from our Annual India Excellence Awards to Sports Carnivals, Family Days out, Women’s Day Celebrations, and many colourful National Festivals. 

Shape a better future in Bangalore

Cities that respond to citizens’ needs in real-time? Let’s make it a reality. Work with us on smart technologies that improve services for communities – enhancing their efficiency, safety, well-being and access to information. 

We’re looking for people who want to revolutionize societies through game-changing hospitals, retail centres, transport hubs and education establishments. Does this sound like you? 

Explore our Cities and Development careers in India today.