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Insights Empowering Engineers: Juiee Biswas & the Jean Venables Medal Nomination

Last year, amidst a sea of accomplished EngTech professionals, Juiee stood out as one of the top three nominees for the prestigious ‘Jean Venables Medal’ - an award recognizing outstanding achievements and contributions by newly qualified Technician Members at a Technician Professional Review (TPR).

Her journey to this recognition highlights her individual dedication along with the strong support and encouragement provided by AtkinsRealis in fostering professional growth and certification attainment among its engineers.

Inspiration to pursue the EngTech qualification

Juiee reflects on her 13-year journey in the industry highlighting the importance of professional credibility, continuous development, and the promise of expanding horizons through networking and knowledge sharing. For Juiee, obtaining the EngTech qualification was not just a milestone but a commitment to upholding the highest standards of ethics and professionalism in her field.

Juiee's work in the qualifying areas for the award exemplifies her dedication to engineering excellence. Her involvement in projects such as SPA (strategic pipeline Alliance), involvement as a BIM modeller significantly enhances the effectiveness and impact of the SPA projects, fostering collaboration, improving decision making, and ultimately delivering better-built environment), her passion for health and safety, and her ability to simplify complex ideas while utilizing the latest tools and technologies underscore her outstanding contributions to the profession. These qualities, coupled with her leadership skills and active involvement in mentoring, positioned her as a deserving nominee for the Jean Venables Medal Award.

Opportunities these awards bring in

Reflecting on the impact of her achievement, Juiee acknowledges the doors it has opened and the wider network it has provided access to. She has been granted membership in the Women Chartership Network. It is important as it provides opportunities for professional development, mentorship, networking, visibility and advocacy. By participating in this network, women can advance their careers, contribute to the field, and inspire future generations of talent, offering her further opportunities to connect with industry leaders and explore new avenues for growth and development.

Advice to aspiring engineers seeking professional qualifications

Juiee emphasizes the importance of a well-rounded approach. She encourages fellow engineers to embrace continuous learning, seek support from mentors, and maintain a focused approach towards competency development. Her journey exemplifies the significance of perseverance and proactive engagement in achieving professional excellence.

Juiee attributes much of her success to the support she received from her team, and the AtkinsRealis’ initiatives like "Aspire to Excel." This program provided her with valuable resources, mentorship, and guidance, enabling her to navigate the path towards chartership with confidence and determination.

Juiee's journey exemplifies the boundless opportunities that await talented individuals AtkinsRealis. As we celebrate her remarkable achievements, we extend an open invitation to all aspiring engineers and professionals seeking a supportive environment that nurtures growth and excellence.

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