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Insights Pioneering Urban Drainage Modelling GTC AtkinsRéalis

In the ever-evolving landscape of urban drainage modelling, AtkinsRéalis stands as the leaders with large highly skilled urban drainage modellers. Our focus on serving our clients around urban drainage and flooding, our people with their expertise, excellence and innovation have put us in the forefront in this vital sector.

What we do

Our Urban Drainage Modellers solve a lot of problems around drainage and flooding using advanced software and data analysis techniques within urban environment. We predict the behaviour of water flow during rainfall events, assess flood risk, and optimize drainage systems for efficiency and resilience. This work helps urban planners and engineers to make informed decisions to mitigate flooding, improve water quality, and enhance overall urban infrastructure.

How do we stand out?

At AtkinsRealis, we collaborate across different offices on the globe to address both flooding and water quality concerns, offering a comprehensive approach that combines traditional methods with innovative blue-green solutions. By integrating nature-based strategies alongside conventional techniques, we aim to enhance the quality of natural water courses while mitigating flood risks. The Global Technology Centre (GTC) in India is instrumental in achieving these objectives, facilitating the analysis, visualization, and implementation of effective solutions. Through an integrated approach and advanced technology capabilities, we are driving positive outcomes for both urban infrastructure and environmental sustainability.

Leveraging technology

Our success is driven by a combination of cutting-edge technology, industry-leading expertise, and a collaborative approach to problem-solving. We are committed to delivering sustainable solutions that address the complex challenges facing the water industry, and our team plays a pivotal role in achieving this mission.

Our offer

We believe in harnessing talent and fostering growth. Our team of urban drainage modellers spread across Bangalore and Pune embodies this ethos with their dedication, expertise, and passion for making a difference. We pride ourselves on providing a dynamic and supportive work environment where employees are empowered to excel and grow both personally and professionally.

What’s in it for you?

With a burgeoning demand for wastewater and stormwater management solutions, our team in India <hyperlink tot the India homepage> is poised for exponential growth. As we continue to expand our operations and explore new avenues, exciting opportunities abound for talented individuals to join us on this journey of innovation and impact.

Join Our Team

If you're looking for a rewarding career in urban drainage modelling with ample opportunities for growth and development, AtkinsRealis is the place to be in. Whether you're an experienced professional or a fresh graduate eager to make your mark, we welcome individuals who share our passion for excellence and innovation.

In summary, AtkinsRealis' team of urban drainage modellers is not just a workforce; it's a community of dedicated professionals driving positive change in the water industry. With a strong foundation built on expertise, collaboration, and a commitment to excellence, we are poised to shape the future of urban drainage modelling. Join us in this journey and be a part of something truly impactful.

And if you wish to join us, do look up for opportunities atcareers.atkinsrealis.com/india

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