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Insights Explore these 4 water treatment jobs at AtkinsRéalis

Water is one of our planet's most precious resources, and ensuring its cleanliness and accessibility is paramount. 

Join us as we delve into the realm of water treatment jobs, exploring four essential roles within our water treatment department: water treatment engineer, water resources engineer, water civil engineer, and clean water Engineer.

Uncover the vital work these professionals undertake to safeguard our water supply and promote sustainability. 

Water treatment jobs at AtkinsRéalis 

Water treatment engineer 

As a water treatment engineer at AtkinsRéalis, you will lead a team responsible for the design and implementation of water and wastewater treatment processes.

This role involves overseeing the entire engineering design process, from conceptualization to detailed design packages, including drawings, specifications, and cost estimates. 

You will develop process and instrumentation diagrams, conduct hydraulic calculations, and collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to ensure project deliverables meet quality standards and deadlines. 

Water resources engineer

As a water resources engineer, you will provide engineering services by reviewing shop drawings, monitoring construction progress, and evaluating quality control testing results. 

Additionally, you will research the feasibility of alternative design approaches and regulatory compliance, contribute to the development of specifications and permit applications, and estimate project costs and material quantities. 

Collaboration with other disciplines, quality control checks, and field observations of construction activities are also integral aspects of this role, ensuring the successful implementation of water resource management projects. 

Water civil engineer 

As a water civil engineer, you will lead and contribute to work-winning activities by producing proposals, fees, and scope definitions in response to client tenders, ensuring alignment with Atkins’ bid management system. 

Engaging with clients and contractors, you will participate in technical discussions on water civil engineering solutions, both during project delivery and bidding stages. 

You will also be responsible for producing and reviewing design deliverables, including engineering calculations, drawings, and reports, in accordance with relevant standards and codes. 

Clean water engineer

As a clean water engineer at AtkinsRéalis, your responsibilities revolve around the development of computer models to assess water network issues and identify investment needs, as well as generating outline solutions based on your analysis. 

You will play a crucial role in analyzing data and providing engineering solutions and advice to clients to aid in their asset investment decisions, contributing to the optimization of water infrastructure. 

Your role also entails supporting the development of reports and other project deliverables to effectively communicate findings and recommendations. 

Preserve our planet’s most valuable resource in a water treatment job 

From designing innovative solutions to managing water resources and ensuring the delivery of clean water, the professionals in these positions are at the forefront of our sustainability efforts

Their dedication and expertise are instrumental in safeguarding our water supply for future generations and promoting a healthier, more sustainable world. 

If you're passionate about making a difference in water management and conservation, consider joining AtkinsRéalis in our mission to tackle the challenges of water treatment and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Apply to our water treatment jobs today.