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Corporate Jobs

Leading perspectives

AtkinsRéalis is committed to ‘Building What Matters’ – a better future for communities everywhere. Working in a corporate role alongside our leaders and stakeholders, your direct contribution will make our big-picture ambitions possible.

Join us in a top-level environment, where you’ll benefit from challenges and opportunities to lead, learn and grow. With over 50 offices all over the world you’ll gain experience working across territories and economies. From strategy to support, development to digital, you’ll play a significant role in driving change and influencing the way we do business. 


Be part of the crucial team that ensures AtkinsRéalis ’s offices run efficiently. You’ll support managers and employees with everything business-related, including responsibility for confidential and time sensitive material.

Join the work group that makes an active contribution to AtkinsRéalis as a top tier global company. You’ll be providing technical expertise, support and influence on the strategic direction of our internal and external stakeholders.

Be part of the team who orchestrates all communication to the stakeholders AtkinsRéalis depends on. You’ll be raising our organization’s profile, reputation and engagement across audiences from employees, to the media, channel partners, and the general public.

Work in the team who engages AtkinsRéalis ’s markets and clients around our key sectors, services and products. You’ll be creating messaging and campaigns for all channels and platforms, from advertising, to direct marketing, digital marketing, and sponsorship.


Join the thinkers who support AtkinsRéalis ’s leadership and investors to drive growth and improve business performance. It’s a meaningful area with plenty of opportunities to make a direct impact on the future of our organization.

You’ll work with staff, clients, our supply chain and senior leadership to ensure that Quality, Safety, Security and the Environment remain integral to decision-making. Some of the QSSE team’s responsibilities include developing high-performing experts and providing guidance to help achieve compliance.

Be part of a team who ensures we’re constantly aligned with our values in a workplace where everyone can thrive. You will also be promoting a culture that values accountability, teamwork and diversity.

As part of our IT team, your mission will be to partner with the business to harness the power of process, information, applications and technologies. You’ll be providing value to everyone from employees, to sub-contractors, partners and clients.


From in-house counsel, to advisory and corporate auditing our legal teams enable us to take advantage of opportunities in economically viable and legally sound ways. By leading with positive behaviors, we represent AtkinsRéalis as an upstanding organization, worthy of the trust and respect of its stakeholders.