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Insights Southampton legible city

Southampton City Council identified the need for an updated pedestrian way-finding system to promote walking and aid navigation across the city. A prototype on-street signage system was initially developed and tested in-situ as part of the Southampton Legible City initiative. 

A key aspiration of the programme was to improve the image, identity and user experience of Southampton for the benefit of residents, businesses and visitors alike.
image of a sign to the Old Town Western Esplanade in Southhampton

Creating a valuable and recognisable information system

Atkins was appointed onto a 4-year framework to develop and implement the system. Through value engineering and design refinements a high quality and cost-effective solution was created which has subsequently been rolled out across the City. Now in its fifth phase of implementation, the scheme is being further expanded to the local City districts.

Although on-street signage is a core element of the system, Atkins has supported the uptake of Legible City through the detailed development and implementation of other related material. This has included interpretative signage, bespoke leaflets and handouts, and the use of online/interactive communication channels. Similarly, the Legible City brand and mapping has been further integrated across other transport modes, including within bus stops, rail information totems and cycle-specific leaflets. This has created a highly recognisable, consistent and valuable information system across the City.

Adaptable and future focused
image of people looking at a sign
Atkins’ designs were in line with the council's existing visual identity and are sympathetic to the variety of settings in Southampton, including the Old Town district and retail areas. This bespoke approach has supported and promoted the uptake of Legible City material for all potential users, including local businesses, developers and universities.

The integrated system design and installation phasing is the start of a multitude of ongoing and future redevelopment projects which will be future proofed to maximise the use of new technologies over the coming years.

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