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Work with AtkinsRéalis and you’ll be able to change the way the world connects.

Our teams are doing just that, making transportation more intelligent, safer and more reliable than ever. You’ll work on challenges that bring traditional engineering and new technologies together, creating new ideas and finding intelligent solutions and ways to improve existing infrastructure.

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The business offers opportunities to consult on, design, construct, operate and maintain the integrated systems that deliver smarter cities and transportation. You’ll be working closely with clients such as railway authorities, manufacturers, operators and contractors. As part of our team you’ll have scope to work on every type of railway and asset on end-to-end or specific projects.

Give people better futures by creating reliable local transport networks that build sustainable communities and boost their economies. You’ll enjoy opportunities to collaborate across the disciplines – from strategic policy advice and performance management, to demand forecasting and behavioral analysis, to accessibility transport for land development, and streetscapes, pedestrian movement and traffic engineering design.

Enjoy opportunities to work on projects that matter to government, financial institutions, private developers and contractors. You’ll be on teams who collaborate with them to plan, design, build, deliver, operate and maintain highway infrastructure. Our teams have been delivering major highway projects across the world, from designing and operating the world’s first all-electronic, barrier-free toll highway on one of the busiest highways in Canada, to new tolling systems in the US and smart motorways in the UK.

Working across the disciplines our teams have been delivering iconic bridges for decades. As a global team, we are designing extremely complex bridges of all types, from floating, to cable-stay, to long and short span bridges as well as the interconnection to new and existing highway systems. You’ll be part of a team that has forged partnerships and delivered innovative solutions to answer to the most technically challenging bridges projects to many clients including government agencies public and private clients around the world.

In many places options for surface routes are running out which means tunnelling is becoming a game-changing solution. Our teams are made up of experts in funding, planning, design, assessment and construction supervision. Join them and enjoy opportunities all over the world on big or small project types and phases, including highway, rail, transit, pedestrian, water supply or sewer and utility.

More than 70% of the world’s population live along the coast, with ships carrying 80% of global trade. So, our teams make a real difference to communities and markets by connecting waterways and sea safely and efficiently. You’ll gain expertise on all aspects of this sector, from waterfront development to foreshore rehabilitation, terminals and facilities to asset management and assessments.

Join a team that works with airport owners, airlines, governments, lenders and construction companies to make air travel safer, easier and faster than ever before. You’ll find opportunities in architectural, design and engineering services. On the consulting side you’ll gain experience working some of our experts who have significant experience on the client side of the industry.

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