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Insights Why ethnic minority employees thrive at Atkins, where different makes a difference

Many think people from ethnic minority backgrounds share the same experience- what a misconception! Our ethnic minority network, Embrace, is all about learning and growing together. Embrace focuses on encouraging, empowering and influencing positive change at all levels by educating and raising awareness about race inequality in the workplace, to be influencers of change that encourage and embrace the creation of a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

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'When we combine our differences, we truly make a difference. So our commitment is to create and maintain an inclusive culture where everyone belongs, can be their true self and can reach their full potential."

 Ian L. Edwards, President and                               CEO 

Our offices and virtual spaces are filled with people, diverse in thought, expertise and knowledge. Join us, and you'll be a part of this genuinely collaborative environment where your voice is valued and treated equally.