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Insights Proudly military-friendly

10 December 2019

It goes without saying that our Service personnel are a strong and vital part of our team. We have over 120 Veterans and 50 Reservists working for us at the moment. And we value the incredible skills and ethos that they bring to the business.

Partnering with the Armed Forces’ (PwaF) is our programme that exists to recruit Army personnel and help them resettle into civilian life. It also allows us to get involved with the Military community in different ways; offering mentorship to all service leavers, fundraising for charities, and as a GOLD member of the Armed Forces’ Employer Recognition Scheme, actively promoting the cause.

#InsideAtkins recently caught up with some of our ex-Military and Reserves staff to hear their experience of resettling or working at Atkins. We also asked them for their top career tips and insights:

"I joined the business because I'd met some great people from Atkins who impressed me with their professionalism. Working here means I feel part of a professional team with great and diverse skills. And our support for Armed Forces and Reserves means I can share my experiences with likeminded people. I’m also part of the Partnering with the Armed Forces (PwAF) programme that is proud to support military charities – it’s great that I can help my fellow comrades.

"My military career gave me confidence to approach challenges with a positive attitude. And being a Veteran means I can deal with most situations life can throw at me. My advice is to be confident that a company will value your skills and experience."
– Ronnie, Transport Analyst. Formerly: Royal Navy

"I joined Atkins because of its great reputation. My career in the RAF gave me an ability to look at the big picture. So I’d tell service leavers not to underestimate your experiences and all the skills you’ve learned in the Forces, they are really valuable assets."
– Mel, Senior Air Safety Engineer, Formerly: Engineer Officer - RAF

"I wanted to work at Atkins because it’s a great company with a strong ex-Forces community. Atkins’ support for Reserves means we still get to work with the Military, and because I’m a Veteran I have a deep understanding of our MoD clients. At Atkins I’m also part of the PwaF Programme, supporting our GOLD Military Corporate Covenant.

“When I left the army I transferred my skills and military qualifications. My advice for service leaders would be: you can do it too.”
– Chris, Senior Service Architect. Formerly: Royal Logistics Corps - British Army

"My military career gave me a breadth of engineering experience, leadership and team-working skills. Being a Veteran has given me the confidence to try new things. So I joined Atkins because I knew I’d be able to explore a variety of roles.

“I also chose Atkins because it promotes flexible working and a healthy work/life balance. Which allows me to blend two things I love, engineering and the Reserves. 

“Working here I can use the skills and experience gained in the Forces in a variety of ways. For example, I've enjoyed mentoring service leavers (whether they’re coming to work for us or not), reviewing their CV’s, and working with other GOLD Military Corporate Covenant companies to share best practice supporting and promoting Reservists and Veterans.

“If I had to give any advice to service leavers, I would say: choose a company that fits in with your personal and work ethos!”
– Rich, Principal Systems Engineer & Team Leader. Formerly: RAF

"I applied to work at Atkins, because I liked the culture and they valued the skills and knowledge I brought from the RAF."
– Chris, Lead Safety Consultant, Formerly: Engineering Officer - RAF

"I joined Atkins because, here I have the platform and support to serve whilst also enhancing my personal and professional skills. I get 10 days’ paid leave to be a Reservist. So I can enhance my skills, at the same time bringing my Army leadership and management skills into the workplace. 

"At Atkins I’m part of our PwAF programme that supports military staff and charities, while endorsing and promoting the Armed Forces community across the engineering industry. Through the programme I also have a network of colleagues that can provide support and advice in all areas of my professional and military careers.

“My military career has given me diverse and unique experiences, and I know how to be cool under pressure. So my advice to service leavers would be to draw on your own skills, and embrace the opportunities that a role in the Armed Forces/Reserves can provide.”
– Simon, Chartered Civil Engineer. Role as a Reservist: Sapper - Royal Engineers

"I joined Atkins because of the values shared, as well as the cultural and professional fit. My military career gave me some great skills and directly relevant knowledge and experience. And, of course, working here is exciting, challenging and fun!”
– Ian, Managing Consultant. Formerly: Colonel - Royal Engineers

"My military career gave me an incredible breadth of experience, which I draw on regularly. And at Atkins, the diversity of markets and projects builds on my existing skills and adds new ones. As part of our PwAF programme, I help service leavers translate their skills and experiences into industry vocabulary.”
– Adam, Project Delivery Director, Formerly: Royal Navy

"The great thing about working at Atkins is being surrounded by ex-military. You get the same sense of camaraderie as in the Service."
– Nigel, Principal Airworthiness and Safety Consultant. Formerly: RAF 
"I joined Atkins because I was looking for a new challenge. My military career gave me a multitude of transferable skills. Being a Veteran means I believe in core values, honesty, integrity as real things not just words on a strap line.”
– Dave, Cyber Security Consultant. Formerly: Communications Technician - Royal Navy

"I joined Atkins because I was attracted to the breadth of opportunity and skills within the business. My military career gave me the ability to structure and process creatively. My advice is to attend company events and open days, but also try and connect with individuals to find a role and a place that is right for you. As part of the PwAF programme I have been immediately welcomed into Atkins by other ex-Forces staff.”
– Philip, Project Manager. Formerly: Reconnaissance Troop Leader – The Royal Lancers 

"Working at Atkins keeps me challenged. I joined because I felt I shared the company's values. I enjoy working well with people and taking pride in what I do. Most of all, thanks to the support I have at Atkins I can do what I love, pursue my careers in engineering and in the Reserves. 

“My advice would be, network and know what you want. At Atkins I’m part of the PwAF programme network, and have helped other service leaders in their transition journey."
– Mike, Senior Consultant. Formerly: Army Air Corps

"I joined Atkins because I liked working with them when I was in the MoD. I've brought good leadership and people skills from working in military, and I know how to cope with pressure. I've just been named Armed Forces Champion for the PwAF programme, so I look forward to continuing to build this vibrant community!”
– Alistair, Solutions Architect. Formerly: QDG - British Army  

“Atkins allows me to diversify and broaden my engineering knowledge and skills. Working here also provides a great work life balance. Atkins’ support for Reserves means we can get real life feedback, from personnel still in the Service. I’d say to Service leavers: the military will give you excellent experience for the work place – it gave me people management skills, the strong ethic of teamwork and commitment – not forgetting a sense of humour!"
– Ian Warner, Principal ILS/Asset Management Consultant. Formerly: Aircraft Technician, Multiple Tornado Aircraft Squadrons

"I joined Atkins because with their help and guidance I can fully utilise the technical and managerial experience I have gained from military practice. Being a Veteran has given me a rare perspective of the working world which heavily benefits Atkins defence sector and my engineering and IT background cover what I did not acquire within the military. I am part of a network that encourages creative thinking, working here allows me to use my experience and ideas to create new systems. Using this know-how I have had the opportunity to mentor other service leavers joining the engineering space with thanks to the PwAF programme.”
– Garreth ’DT’ Doyle Thorpe. Currently: Systems Engineer. Formerly: Lance Corporal, Communications System Operator - Royal Signals, 202 Sig Squadron.

"My military career provided me with unique and transferable skills."
– James, Geotechnical Engineer. Formerly: Sapper, 100 Field Squadron

"I applied to Atkins because I wanted to work with a good mix of ex-military and civilians. Atkins also gives Veterans and Reserves great support and I feel valued here, as part of a family. Wherever you go, my advice would be to make sure you understand the terms and conditions of your work contract. Also value your skills, working in the military gave me the ability to ‘knit fog’. I can face any new situation with the confidence that I can make it work."
– Mark, Maritime Technical Authority. Formerly:  Commander (MESM) - Royal Navy