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06 April 2020 

Salvador demonstrates how teamwork makes the dream work

Congratulations to President's Awards Winner Salvador, Lead Project Manager at Faithful+Gould, a member of the AtkinsRéalis Group. We're inspired by the way he has led the Mexico business development activities, focusing on our key account management processes with excellent results. Drawing on his strong project management background and expertise, he has provided technical and management oversight to his projects in the industrial and property sectors. His love of collaboration has also meant increased teamwork between our Mexico and US offices, expanding our offering.

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We caught up with Salvador to find out what keeps him challenged with us...
What do you do at Faithful+Gould?

As Project Managers, we coordinate the different stakeholders toward the owner's objective, which usually means delivering on time, on budget and on spec. We keep the communication flowing constantly – it's essential in making sure all goals are aligned.

What do you enjoy most about Faithful+Gould?

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I've been with Faithful+Gould in Mexico since 2016. From the start, I've been greatly motivated by the interesting projects we work on. I love being able to make a positive difference as owner's representative on global clients, from Michelin to Land O'Lakes, Becton Dickinson and Borg Warner. 

What does diversity mean to your team?

As long as everyone understands this diversity as an asset – the background and experience of each member not only enhances our overall performance but also our collective confidence. 
How has your team's diversity helped you achieve excellence in your projects?

On my first project for AtkinsRéalis in Mexico, I was contracted through Faithful+Gould, given their established presence in the country. The Project Management team was made up of individuals from different backgrounds, seniority, ethnicity, and even languages. The project was not an easy ride, but by understanding each other's strengths and weaknesses and how we could best contribute to the overall goals, the team was able to complete the project on time, meeting client expectations.

How are your teams thriving together at Faithful+Gould?

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Collaborating closely with our US colleagues, we've been supporting their clients in Mexico. We were recently engaged as Construction Manager for a General Mills project in Mexico when the client learned about our presence. This support works both ways, as we've also supported estimate validations for our Cost Intelligence team when their US clients require regional expertise. 

What one amazing thing has Faithful+Gould made you see in yourself?

My ability to excel when bringing together multicultural teams, as all our clients in Faithful+Gould Mexico are global. Starting with my very first project, Michelin's corporate offices, I had to coordinate meetings with stakeholders attending from France, the US and Mexico.
How has Faithful+Gould supported your progress? 

Faithful+Gould has allowed me to improve my Project Management skills by enrolling in the Principles Training by EDPM Excellence program in Florida. Most recently, I was also selected to participate in the Building People Leaders Program as I transitioned into the position of Operations Manager for Faithful+Gould Mexico.

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