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Insights The top design and technology trends to watch out for in 2022

Over the last decade, we have become accustomed to more digital systems influencing our lives, with smartphones, banking, and online shopping to name but a few. Technology has disrupted every industry, in every sector, and in 2022, we’re only going to see more of it.

The COVID-19 pandemic served to accelerate society’s use of and reliance on digital technologies. With people and businesses predominantly moving online in the Spring of 2020, we have all had to adapt to new processes and ways of working. So, as we’re nearing the end of 2021, what design and technology trends should we expect to see in the construction industry in 2022?

graphic image of a city with connected dots

The rise of smart cities

Around the world, we’re seeing an increase in smart cities. These are cities that use information and data to improve quality of life, including enhancing safety and sustainability. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), smart cities are emerging as technology advances and the government aims to deliver more sustainable development in line with global initiatives. Cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi are planning for the future by developing smart cities that address socio-economic challenges and deliver long term benefits for generations to come.

At AtkinsRéalis , we are committed to building truly smart cities, and our vision utilises technology to improve services for communities and we factor sustainability into everything that we do. Cities and development are one of our core markets, and our teams of experts are delivering growth opportunities in conjunction with our journey to Net Zero Carbon.

3D printed building materials

Designers have been using digital tools in their building plans for a number of decades, but the actual construction process including building materials has notoriously lacked the pace that design tools have. The benefits of 3D printed building materials are limitless. Not only are they more sustainable, but it also helps reduce project costs and increase safety on sites.

With rising labour shortages, we are going to see more technology in the construction industry in 2022. This includes robotics, self-driving construction vehicles, drones that can be used for inspections and land surveying, AI, wearable sensors to monitor worker safety, project management tools for scheduling and budgeting to increase efficiencies.

Continued emphasis on AI and automation

Data and the digital revolution have provided us with exponential growth in the construction industry as we use data to, for example, enable Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation. In a post-pandemic world, this is increasingly crucial, as we endeavour to find a new normal and adapt to labour shortages and new priorities.

In the transport sector, for example, AI is being used to resculpt our growing transport network, enabling the world to become even more connected. We are, as a society, always going to be reliant on transport, and so AI is increasingly being used to enhance experiences for people and improve logistics for current and future generations.

Using digital to improve sustainability

Sustainable construction is not just a buzzword term, it is a crucial concept that the industry must implement in order to achieve Net Zero Carbon goals. According to the World Economic Forum, the construction of buildings accounts for around 40% of global energy consumption and 33% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Digitalisation provides various viable ways to reduce the environmental impact of construction projects. Tools such as BIM and 3D printing, for example, support sustainable construction as they enable more accuracy, and therefore less waste and reduced emissions.

Digital transformation at AtkinsRéalis

At AtkinsRéalis , and within our brands Atkins, Faithful+Gould, and Acuity, we know just how important digital transformation is and what it means for the engineering sector. We use digital to drive efficiencies, improve safety and sustainability, and reduce costs. We’re always investing in digital capabilities for our core markets, as it allows us to transfer skills and knowledge to our global hubs, communicating and solving problems faster for our clients.

As technology continues to advance, we will see an increased demand for talented engineers, project managers, architects, and quantity surveyors who can harness digital and implement new and innovative solutions. With our expertise in several areas, candidates choose to work for AtkinsRéalis because of our approach to digital transformation and the extensive career progression we offer around the world.

Drive your career in digital forward with us

Here at AtkinsRéalis , we consistently deliver sustainable solutions by implementing the most efficient digital solutions. As a Group, we’re driven by our ambition to engineer a better future for our planet and its people, and we’re committed to reaching our ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) targets by Engineering Net Zero.

If you’re looking for an exciting career with progression at every step, we may have a job for you. Browse our available information technology jobs today or sign up to our job alerts so you’ll never miss an opportunity.