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Insights 8 reasons to make Faithful+Gould your next career move

What makes an organization a great place to be?

Regional Directors Gurtej Golar and Tim Ketteringham tell us what they value most in a consultancy and why they decided to join Faithful+Gould, a member of the AtkinsRéalis  Group.

1. It holds endless possibilities for your career.
“The opportunity was to learn and develop my career in a senior leadership role with Faithful+Gould  and also use my experience to support the business achieve its goals and objectives . Most importantly, the opportunity means I can help other people to achieve their career aspirations, which is a key focus for Faithful+Gould.”
– Gurtej
image of Gurtej smiling
2. It values work/life balance for all employees, not just management.

“It's refreshing to see how well our teams perform, balancing their families and other personal priorities with remote and flexible working. At Faithful+Gould, coworkers encourage each other to take the time they need while being trusted to get the job done.”
– Tim
Image of Tim smiling
3. An organization that actively promotes diversity.

"A big part of my remit is developing people, and I'm proud to see how much diversity is valued at Faithful+Gould. We recognize that we need to improve our diversity. And we want to hire people regardless of their genders, backgrounds, disabilities or neurodiversity. I know I'm part of a real people business here. While many companies promote this culture externally, the reality is often different. Here we all work hard together to put words into action.”
– Gurtej

4. You can engage with people who excite and inspire you.

“It was the feeling I had when I engaged with some of the team in a joint pursuit back in 2020. The professional approach coupled with the impressive client list made me consider whether it would be a place 'to work in the future.' When the opportunity presented itself a few months later, and through those early discussions, I just knew it felt right. The level of trust and autonomy I have is really positive.”
– Tim

5. You'll be able to make a tangible, sustainable impact on the world around you.

“My background is in civil engineering. I spent 15 years in the highways sector before moving to the rail sector for the last five years. At Faithful+Gould, I'm happy to be back in highways as Client Director for Highways England. And my team works on major projects across the country. One of my current roles is managing the CPMS Framework, bringing long-term improvements to England's motorways and major roads.”
– Gurtej

6. The organization delivers what's right for people and the environment.

“The bonus of my role is that, in my eyes, I get the best of both worlds. As Client Director of Rail and Aviation, I get to look far into thefuture and work with clients to resolve some of the big challenges of our time. I also get to use my experience to lead and support our successful commissions. For instance, I'm currently leading the integration of HS2 & NR on network works processes. It's a key piece of work helping our client remove waste, improve efficiency, and ultimately save money for the taxpayer.”
– Tim

7. The organization genuinely cares for its people. Their priorities, ambitions and contributions are valued.

“Faithful+Gould embraces the fact that people are different. One size does not fit all. We want to hear what people want from their careers and provide that, so everyone gets what they want, a true win-win. What makes Faithful+Gould most attractive is what our current employees have to say about us. So, get in touch and speak to us . Find out what we are really about, and then make an informed decision.”
– Gurtej

8. Teams solve complicated problems together. You’ll be able to learn a lot about the work and what you're really capable of.

“It's the best decision I've made work-wise. The culture of collaboration, support and care is as good as I have seen in my years in work. Everyone I've met has been so willing to help, guide and encourage. This, coupled with the large, growing, and extremely varied range of projects, demonstrates that Faithful+Gould is the right place to develop your career.”
– Tim

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