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Insights Engaging our people in Net Zero

Everyone at AtkinsRéalis is excited about our new "blueprint for the future" called Engineering Net Zero (ENZ). It guides everything we do across strategies, projects and operations. Stuart Rogers, Director at Faithful+Gould, a member of the AtkinsRéalis Group, talks about his teams' part in the initiative.

Image of Stuart smiling

What led you to work in the ENZ space?

We are in a Climate Emergency, where urgent action is required by everyone, especially those working in the Built Environment. I've personally enhanced my understanding about the future of our environment since I joined the Construction Industry after University many years ago. Having a young family has driven me to gain a passion and desire to help our business make a real, sustainable impact.

How are you involved in ENZ?

I'm responsible for the Commercial Property Sector for Faithful+Gould. I've been part of the ENZ Global Forum for 18 months, before Covid and before the industry significantly elevated the sustainability agenda. 

Before my involvement with ENZ and the wider EDPM business, the Faithful+Gould business unit had minimal involvement in ENZ. We now have a team of 120 staff in Faithful+Gould, actively engaged in the topic, with two sustainability champions.

What is your team doing that's interesting? 

We're delivering multiple public/private partnership regeneration schemes across the country, involving complex infrastructure, highways and utility projects, alongside the development of new buildings and places. It's great that we can help to shape sustainability strategies across all these developments.

We have also led Manchester City Council and the Manchester Climate Change Agency on the finance and viability of creating sustainable developments. Take a look at the Net Zero Carbon New Build Policy Document we helped develop.

How is your team inspiring you?

I see a genuine passion from my colleagues, peers and friends. Everyone is open to the discussion and willing to learn about the changes we need to make to protect our future.

I'm incredibly proud of the collaboration across AtkinsRéalis 's global business units. The respect and enthusiasm throughout the team are exciting. Our people genuinely want to change how we work and the environment we live in. 

How will you bring your passion for ENZ to life?

To me, ENZ is a platform to promote and facilitate change to the way we work and think, the way we treat each other, and the way we treat our planet. The climate emergency is very real, we must challenge ourselves, inspire each other to innovate and work collaboratively, to find solutions to protect the planets long term future. 

Together, our approach to ENZ and sustainability will help AtkinsRéalis Lavalin grow sustainably over the long term, attract the best talent to develop solutions to start to fix the problems we currently face regarding climate change. In my own life, I'm enjoying learning new habits I can introduce into my everyday life to lessen my environmental impact.

What is your biggest concern about the future?

Unfortunately, we have passed the point of no return in some circumstances, and as a planet, if we continue to act as we are, then the future of the planet is at risk. The projected ultimate biodiversity breakdown across the globe would be catastrophic and is my biggest ultimate concern

We must change from a self-centred society to one that truly works together to impact the current climate issues and protect the planet for the future. We must significantly change our core behaviours to have any chance of having the impact required to secure the future of the planet. Any changes must be fully inclusive, safe and promote places where people can collaborate and innovate in a healthy environment.

What makes you confident that AtkinsRéalis can make a tangible difference?

AtkinsRéalis have a global presence and regional expertise. We impact multiple facets of the built environment. Our collective expertise and collaborative approach will ensure we have a rounded view of the best way to approach the issues currently facing the planet.

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