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Insights The unique experience of an engineering career in Hong Kong

Engineering is an exciting career choice, but in Hong Kong, it is a truly unique experience. The city is filled with world-class infrastructure designed and built by architects and engineers. The city is growing, so we’ll see more infrastructure being built, which will ultimately create rewarding opportunities for innovative engineers. There has therefore never been a better time to consider a fulfilling career in such a thriving economy.

AtkinsRéalis , and our brands Atkins and Faithful+Gould, have built a robust reputation in Hong Kong. We have delivered numerous infrastructure projects that enhance the city’s economy and enrich the lives of citizens. We have played a huge part in Hong Kong’s legacy of engineering excellence and will continue to deliver for future generations, incorporating sustainability into all that we do.

image of the Hong Kong skyline

What does an engineer do?

Engineering has been used in the process of designing and building everything around us, including our homes, transport systems, and places of work. In the construction industry, engineering is multidisciplinary; this includes structural, civil, building, mechanical and electrical engineering roles.

Civil and structural engineers, for example, transform cities, improve lives, and reimagine possibilities by designing, building, and delivering infrastructure projects and systems such as bridges, roads, railways, and airports using skills, innovation and digital technology. It is more important than ever for civil and structural engineers to build for a greener future and ensure that infrastructure can withstand the changing climate and its impacts.

Alternatively, mechanical building engineers are responsible for supervising the design and drawing of mechanical systems within buildings, such as ventilation, air conditioning and fire protection. Whatever field of engineering you choose, it is crucial to constantly innovate, learn, and stay agile, so that you are equipped to respond to changes and uncover potential opportunities.

All engineers collaborate and work in large and diverse teams, including with project managers, project controllers and architects like Alice, who leads on design projects from concept design through to construction phase support on large, complex projects, ensuring sustainability is factored in throughout.

Why is Hong Kong a good place to take your engineering career?

In Hong Kong, opportunities are growing. For the first time since 2008, Hong Kong’s economy is expected to catch up with Singapore as it recovers from COVID-19. Following a difficult period pre-pandemic for the construction industry, leaders in Hong Kong recently announced HK$500bn (US$64.5bn) investment in public work which will allow for large projects such as new rail lines, roads, hospital expansions, housing and proposed facilities within universities.

This, therefore, presents opportunities for innovative engineers to showcase their skills in building out this valuable infrastructure. Within AtkinsRéalis , we are fortunate to have large teams of engineering professionals with advance technical capabilities who understand our client’s needs and have experience working on complex projects, such as Hong Kong International Airport. But we’re always looking to grow.

How can you become an engineer in Hong Kong?

It is of course important to have a passion for engineering, and often, those who work in engineering roles will have studied STEM subjects at school or university. After graduating, you can go through a graduate scheme which can help narrow down an engaging and exciting career path that is suitable for you before choosing a specialism and achieving further professional qualifications. In Hong Kong, on a graduate scheme, you may find yourself planning new cities, designing tunnels, and using the latest technology to find solutions to some of the most complex issues. By doing so, you can gain hands-on experience whilst developing technical skills, knowledge and behaviours that are necessary to further your career path.

There are different levels to work towards within a civil engineering career, and responsibilities grow with experience. A senior civil engineer in the highways and transportation sector, for example, may oversee the production of bridge designs and drawings, whilst coordinating highways structures design process, and incorporating associated environmental and structural engineering regulations.

To be a successful engineer in Hong Kong, you’ll also need to have good stakeholder engagement skills to accommodate the client’s needs, which might encompass anything from early-stage feasibility, design, innovation, to project management.

Build your career in engineering at AtkinsRéalis

At Atkins, we get to work on some of the world’s most challenging issues, so we need the world’s best and brightest minds. Our skills lie in innovative infrastructure that connects all parts of society, in multiple markets such as transportation, water and environment and geoscience, amongst others.

We want to deliver a cleaner, greener tomorrow, and we need pioneering engineers to help us do it. If you want to make a difference, we want to hear from you.

Browse our available engineering jobs in Hong Kong and join one of the largest and most innovative engineering and project management consultancies in the world.