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Insights Hong Kong international airport | Helping vision take flight

The Three-Runway system (3RS) at Hong Kong International Airport is a landmark project crucial to the future economic development of the city. More than just a new runway, the scale of the project is almost the equivalent to building a new airport. The new facilities being constructed including the Third Runway, taxiways and aprons, and the Third Runway Passenger Terminal, expansion of the existing Terminal 2, provisions of a new automated people mover system and a high-speed baggage handling system, modification of the existing North Runway and the related airport support infrastructure, utilities and facilities will allow for further future expansion of the airport operations. And by using the latest techniques in reclamation e.g. adoption of the deep-cement mixing techniques to stabilise the soft mud in the reclamation area, environmental impact to the marine ecosystem can be minimised. From starting on this project in 2015, we delivered detailed designs of the reclamation works, enabling the Airport Authority Hong Kong to award the main reclamation works contract in 2016.

Engineering ambition

Atkins provided detailed design for the formation of 650 hectares of land in preparation for the construction of the Three-Runway System. This includes designing the ground improvement works, reclamation, seawalls, re-provisioning works and the extension and modification of the existing large box culverts. The area of the reclamation will be approximately 650 hectares – about half the current size of the airport platform!

Our responsibilities and services will include, civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, major project development and marine & coastal development. And we will continue to provide all design support services for the reclamation works throughout the construction phase.

Advancing an icon

With our teams’ contribution on 3RS, the airport will be able to handle an additional 30 million passengers a year and it will spur further economic development, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs.

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