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Insights Saikat Kumar Senior Project Manager

“I believe in creating an environment where team members can innovate, act and deliver without fear of failure.”

An expert multi-tasker, senior project manager Saikat Kumar believes in leading from the front, focusing on people and giving them space to innovate. His balanced and systematic approach will help Linxon to greater delivery successes and growth in India.

Saikat is used to keeping several balls in the air, without letting any fall to the floor. As a senior project manager, his role is to manage a cluster of projects, multiple team members, varied customers and numerous objectives. Luckily, when people encounter him, they find someone who has a balanced and systematic approach, with a pragmatic and methodical way of thinking and keen observation skills – all critical for successful project management and delivery. “I also believe in aligning across my team and a strong people focus,” says Saikat, who grew up in Kolkata and studied for his Bachelor of Engg in Electrical and Electronics in Bangalore. “I would like to empower Linxon by developing a team which can deliver fast track complex projects.” And his experience is another major plus here: he’s managed substation projects from 33 to 765 kilovolts, most notably since joining ABB in 2006. And he’s been part of the Linxon family right from its inception in India in 2019.

A supportive family atmosphere

In the workplace, Saikat believes in embracing challenges and that failure leads to greater success in the end. “I strongly believe that a job should be exciting and challenging,” he says. “It’s actually the obstacles and setbacks that really add value in the form of experience and learning – and this ultimately leads to satisfaction.”

This translates into the way he leads his teams, striving to create an environment where team members can innovate, act and deliver without fear of failure. “I believe in leading from the front and setting the example,” he continues, adding that he has an eye on the future as he likes to focus on “sharing and promoting knowledge to create better leaders than me.”

In fact, when asked what inspires him at Linxon, he answers that it’s the people. “At the end of the day, it’s like a family where everybody has a part to play and has each other’s back – and this enables us to reach the greater goal together,” he underlines.

The launch pad to new heights

Saikat has high hopes for his future at Linxon. “I expect Linxon to become a versatile and agile organization which can deliver any customized service package in the power, transmission and metro arena,” he states. When he moved from ABB to Linxon, he was impressed by the way in which Linxon brings together major substation and project experience from ABB and AtkinsRéalis , and now he sees a clear growth trajectory in the field of EPC substations in India.

What makes him so confident? “Linxon has shown its quality as a lean, agile and young organization with a deep-rooted process setup. This indicates a firm launch pad and potential to rise high!”