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Insights Top 5 responsibilities of a civil engineer in Brisbane

Brisbane is a hub of opportunities for civil engineers, particularly at AtkinsRéalis . With a booming construction industry, growing population, flexible talent pool, and buzzy “vibe,” the Queensland capital has been described as a city of innovation.

The Australian government is investing heavily in infrastructure, therefore opening doors for construction professionals. Civil engineers play a vital role in planning and overseeing construction, working on critical infrastructure that supports societies. With more significant budgets than ever, now is the time to get involved and apply for the most exciting civil engineering jobs Brisbane has to offer.

Here are the top five responsibilities of a civil engineer in Brisbane – and beyond.

Five responsibilities of a graduate civil engineer

1. Managing, directing, and monitoring progress

Civil engineers are involved in every phase of a project, assessing and directing from beginning to end. Therefore, they must have strong leadership skills and be able to work with all of the varied trades working on the site, liaising between them and keeping the project on schedule. Importantly, they must remain agile so that they can address any challenges they encounter along the way.

2. Drawing up designs

If you’re applying for any civil engineering jobs, you need to be proficient with computer-aided design (CAD) packages and be able to use them to draw up blueprints. You’ll need to analyse surveys and mapping, as well as test materials using advanced computer modelling software. Simply put, you need to be proficient with software and comfortable with computers to be a successful graduate civil engineer.

3. Supporting the commercial team

In addition to computer prowess and leadership skills, civil and structural engineering careers in Brisbane require exceptional planning skills. Civil engineers prepare bids for tenders and report back to clients, public agencies, and planning bodies. After these tenders have been assessed, the civil engineering team then judge which projects are workable by assessing materials, costs and time requirements.

4. Ensuring health, safety, and environmental measures are followed at every step

Civil engineers are the first line of defence – and often the last line – to prevent workplace accidents and maintain a safe construction project. They do this by assessing the environmental impact and risks connected to projects and making sure sites meet all legal guidelines and health and safety requirements.

5. Communication and stakeholder management

Clear communication is crucial as a civil engineer. You’ll be required to explain complex projects and technical concepts to the client, community stakeholders, and other professionals, including architects, project managers, and project coordinators. They’ll need to understand the ins and outs of the project, and it’s up to you to ensure everything is clear.

Join a team with a strong and respected delivery track record

Brisbane is a vibrant, exciting city full of opportunities, and there is no better place to consider an engineering career. AtkinsRéalis Australia is currently working on a number of multi-year engagements supporting major Australian rail projects. You could be a part of transportation history and improve the country’s quality of life.

The AtkinsRéalis Group is a trusted global company that provides engineering, procurement, and construction services. We’re known as a top employer dedicated to diversity and inclusion and have been recognised for inspiring more women to enter the engineering field.

This is a chance to add a global leader to your CV and work on exciting projects both at home and abroad. Now is the time to apply for an engineering job in Brisbane, join the talent community, and sign up for job alerts to be the first to learn about civil and structural engineering jobs in Brisbane.