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Insights Why SNC-Lavalin is the place to bring your early career

We believe in building what matters, whether that's a bridge, an IT department, a project management system, or your career.

Finding a professional job after graduation isn't always easy. You'll be competing against people who have years worth of experience in water, transportation, cities and development, or whichever market you're aspiring to work in. We recognize that by investing heavily in our early careers programs, we can create opportunities for ambitious individuals who are motivated to push the boundaries.

If you're ready to jump-start your career, read on to find out why AtkinsRéalis is the place to take your early career.

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What is the meaning of early careers?

Your early career typically refers to your first job after your education. Since you'll have limited practical experience, these roles aim to introduce you to the working world, where you'll hone your skills and grow your confidence.

Take our Canadian Graduate Development Program, for example, which is a two-year program designed to facilitate a smooth integration into our corporate culture, meanwhile allowing graduates to build an internal network and develop their full potential.

Our world-class training will challenge you

When preparing for an early careers interview, first, research the organization and learn more about their training programs. Look for training that encompasses different types of functions and skills because developing a broad skill set is a pivotal step towards building a robust career.

Whether you're searching for a role in engineering, project management, consultancy or IT, we've got a program that is tailored to you. We'll provide you with excellent mentoring and learning support so you can expand your horizons, and as you gain experience, you'll get to take on more challenging projects like Transport Planner Sam did during his time at Atkins, a member of the AtkinsRéalis Group, early careers program.

Shift your career progression into gear

No matter which industry you’re interested in, you'll get the chance to work on big ideas that could improve the lives of millions of people. You'll be equipped with the training and tools you need to take on more complex projects across Canada. Not only will the experience help you to achieve your career goals, but it will also expose you to new opportunities. This empowering culture that we've worked hard to create allows people to do their best work and build a career they can be proud of.

Work alongside some of the top talent

Throughout your early career with AtkinsRéalis , you'll work on a variety of exciting projects, collaborating with professionals from a range of specialisms. Your colleagues will act as mentors, helping you develop new skills, navigate political environments, challenge ideas, and develop your career. This knowledge transfer matters to us because we believe that together we can go further. You'll also be paired with a buddy who will introduce you to the world of networking and guide you as you begin to connect with the top talent in your industry and beyond.

Benefit from an award-winning candidate experience

Every year we create bespoke recruitment processes that align to roles in our graduate, placement, and apprentice talent streams. The team at Atkins, a member of the AtkinsRéalis Group, worked hard to conquer their home-working barriers during the pandemic, so we were extremely proud when they won the 'Best Candidate Experience' award.

Explore AtkinsRéalis early careers and join the team

At AtkinsRéalis , we pride ourselves on having built a dynamic, respected and diverse team, but it doesn't stop there. We're always looking to welcome more people who will challenge our way of thinking and push us to find better solutions, so we’re on the lookout for the next generation of original thinkers, wherever you are in Canada.

Find out more about our Canadian Graduate Development Program and if you have any questions, simply email the AtkinsRéalis early careers team, and we'll be in touch.

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