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Insights At AtkinsRéalis, our people’s progress is our key purpose

At AtkinsRéalis, people are the heart of everything we do. As an inclusive organization we strongly believe in paving successful and fun careers for our graduates. One of the key contributors to our distinctive Australia graduate program Purushotham K, Recruitment Director – APAC says, “Our people’s progress is our key purpose”. AtkinsRéalis is shaping our world from offices across the world and our brightest young minds play a vital role in making a difference that matters as they pivot the way forward.

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Australia graduate program

As part of the AtkinsRéalis Australia graduate program, our aim is to support graduates to accomplish their dreams and to also help them find their passion. Akshay Doosa, a graduate of Queensland University started his journey with us in 2021. He says, “I was fascinated with trains as a young kid. I loved traveling in them, playing with train sets, and when they inevitably broke down, I would take them apart to try to fix them.

AtkinsRéalis being the leader in Brisbane Rail Consulting with projects such as the Cross River Rail, Inland Rail, and Queensland Train Manufacturing Program (formerly called The Rollingstock Expansion Program) attracted me to want to join the organization. I have constantly been surprised by the time and energy that my seniors at AtkinsRéalis are willing to invest in me, which I will forever be grateful for. The best part about my job is the fun I have in seeing myself grow professionally as well as personally.” Through our culture and projects, we hope to offer a career journey that people cherish.

What opportunities are available in Australia?

Opportunities at AtkinsRéalis are endless irrespective of the individual’s role, location or experience. We aspire to make work exciting, fun and full of learning. Henry Bange, a graduate from Queensland University of Technology who joined us in 2020 says, "AtkinsRéalis has provided me with opportunities to work on some major projects and with some of the most exciting people in the industry. It's been extremely rewarding to play a minor role in some major infrastructure projects (such as QTMP) while also being the lead engineer and project manager on the smaller TETRA radio project at such early stages of my career. Every day brings new challenges, and no two days feel the same at AtkinsRéalis ."

We understand that the future is uncertain, but everything we do is to engineer a better future for our planet and its people. Learning and growing never stops at AtkinsRéalis. Raagini Manaktala, a graduate from the University of Queensland who joined us in 2018 says, "The future looks exciting with AtkinsRéalis as we are expanding with opportunities to be a part of more projects that make a difference and I look forward to further developing my skills in cyber security and systems engineering by working on diverse projects”.

Learn and enhance your engineering skills

AtkinsRéalis operates in various engineering disciplines creating a wide range of opportunities for its graduates to enhance their skills. Our Rolling Stock Consultant Shahrzad Akbarzadeh Pooladi, who graduated from the University of Sydney, says, "AtkinsRéalis provided me the opportunity to learn and enhance my skills as a rail engineer and facilitated my desired career progression by placing me in the right projects and connecting me with the right people."

At AtkinsRéalis, we take pride in creating exciting experiences for our graduates. Aishwarya Manibala Jha, a graduate of the University of New South Wales says, "For the SCT Signalling Compatibility Testing project, I have been on-site in Adelaide twice to conduct a series of close-up effect test runs on two locomotive variants to demonstrate compliance with TfNSW AMB requirements. The best part was that I got to ride in the driver's cab of the locomotive, learn about the driver's cab controls, and visit the maintenance facility."

Find your next job at AtkinsRéalis in Australia

Being a people-centric organization, we aim to provide an insightful journey for our graduates that connects them with people, data, and technology to design, deliver and operate the most complex projects across Australia. In Australia, we support clients across the country. Our workforce applies innovative thinking, pioneering technologies and strategic management to create the best outcomes for our clients and future generations.

If you’re looking forward to joining a truly inclusive organization with exciting career opportunities, then explore our wide range of options and apply for a job in Australia today