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Insights What does the future of cybersecurity look like?

Cyber security has developed at a rapid rate in recent years and with the increasing rise of technology, more of our business activities are happening digitally. This means organisations are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and ransomware hacks. According to research from McKinsey, cybersecurity has been on the rise globally, so more and more businesses have been developing software to tackle these threats. It’s difficult to predict when the next major cyber threat will be, but leaders need to be prepared for increased digitalisation in the future and understand how to defend themselves against any threats and disruptions.

At AtkinsRéalis , we offer global procurement, construction and engineering services to clients in various markets, including transportation, energy and the built environment. AtkinsRéalis is a multidisciplinary business that partners with a portfolio of brands that include Atkins, Acuity and Faithful+Gould. We work on large-scale projects to drive change and re-shape our communities, using technology to achieve better results. We have a great understanding of technology and data, so below, we’re discussing what the future holds for cybersecurity.

Artificial intelligence has increasingly become an integral part of cybersecurity. Based on insights from Globe News Wire, artificial intelligence in the cybersecurity market is expected to grow at over 23% by 2028. AI and machine learning are already being used as effective tools to handle threats, in the form of bots, which will likely continue to rise in the future. In short, information technology and cybersecurity are set to be largely automated. As cyberattacks have become so advanced in recent years, it’s more important than ever to have the ability to detect any threats accurately – and AI paves the way for reliable and accurate detection. However, humans will still need to be required to deploy the technology, so the future of cybersecurity will likely be built around a machine-human model, in which professionals work in tandem with artificial intelligence.


The rise of cybersecurity talent

Therefore, as cybersecurity continues to evolve, there will be a greater need for professionals who specialise in tackling cyber threats within construction and engineering. Also, organisations will need to recruit a skilled and highly experienced cybersecurity workforce. According to research by cybersecurity ventures, it’s been predicted that there will be around 3.5 million job openings in 2025. This demonstrates that more cybersecurity jobs will be created and there’s a strong outlook. Cybersecurity is important within the built environment because it protects data from theft and data, and much of construction today is driven by digitalisation. Therefore, in the future, cybersecurity professionals will play a significant role in protecting organisations from threats and attacks.

Cloud computing

There’s also a growing shift toward cloud computing for cybersecurity. While cloud computing has already been utilised within the built environment, it will certainly be more widespread in the future and a key driving force of cybersecurity. Cloud computing offers protective measures against cyberattacks, as it can predict and prevent attacks in real-time before any damage can occur. There’s no doubt that cloud computing is at the forefront of innovation, as it allows people to interact with different devices, manage and store data, and consume large amounts of information with ease and efficiency. Cloud computing is much more agile with a large capacity, so it offers businesses a way to scale and improve their cybersecurity. Overall, cybersecurity in the future will be more advanced and diverse than ever before and incorporate many different components, as well as pave the way for a much more technical workforce.

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