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Insights Build an engineering career in Queensland

Across Queensland, there is a significant investment in widespread engineering projects. The major projects pipeline suggests investment will reach $62 billion from 2021-2026 with projects across the rail, energy and road transport sectors. Furthermore, investment continues to grow with a 25% increase in just 2021 alone. 

The investment into engineering in Queensland is inspiring new engineering careers and offers exciting opportunities. This is both for graduate engineers at the start of their job hunt to experienced civil engineers looking for new challenges. With over 136 major projects taking place in Queensland in the coming years, this is a huge opportunity to get involved in diverse and specialist roles that are helping to move the state into a net-zero emission future. 

At AtkinsRéalis , we’re part of some significant engineering projects in Queensland and across Australia, with a team of talented engineers helping us lead the way with sustainable, future-ready concepts. If being part of an innovative and inclusive team with a passion for sustainability and energy efficiency is the way you want to make your mark in Queensland, building your engineering career with us could be a fulfilling and rewarding choice. 

Engineer wearing protective equipment while inspecting work

How to build a meaningful engineering career

Set your goals

The world of engineering is broad and encompasses a vast range of sectors and skills. Therefore, getting clear on the engineering areas that excite and interest you is important for building a rewarding engineering career.

At AtkinsRéalis , we know that new engineering graduates may not know where they want to take their engineering careers. This is why we offer graduate programs that give you an insight into different projects to find out where you want to focus your career. Our graduate program is 18 months long, ensuring that graduates are fully supported to transition from theoretical learning to on-the-ground project practice. 

Embrace change

One of the most prominent elements of engineering is that it’s a sector that doesn’t stand still. From digitisation to renewable construction materials, climate change resiliency to big data, the engineering sector is seeing significant changes enabling the industry to achieve better results. 

Throughout an engineering career, there will likely be multiple changes through new processes, materials or designs. For a successful engineering career, embracing change and maintaining a forward-thinking approach is a key aspect of the role.

For example, AtkinsRéalis is currently focused on our mission of becoming a Net Zero organisation. However, once we achieve this through our sustainable and energy-efficient practices, we will look at other campaigns that our whole team can support and which will challenge and grow the organisation.

Honour your individual skills

Every engineer will have a different perspective and will bring different experiences to each project. Through ongoing development, experiences and personal outlook, you have the chance to bring your own ideas and knowledge to engineering projects that could make all the difference. 

At AtkinsRéalis , we recognise that increasing diversity improves innovation and project outcomes as we bring together unique ideas that can deliver ground-breaking results. Subsequently, with us, you can expect a diverse workforce with strong diversity, equity and inclusion policies. This not only helps create a supportive environment for our workforce but also brings our clients forward-thinking innovation that can transform engineering projects into world-class developments. 

Build your engineering career in Queensland with AtkinsRéalis

With an exciting pipeline of work and wide-ranging engineering projects across sectors, from improving railway lines to designing sustainable buildings or even construction relating to the 2032 Olympic Games in Brisbane, there’s never been a better time to grow your engineering career in Queensland. 

At AtkinsRéalis in Australia, we’ll give you opportunities to push the boundaries of engineering to further your career. With supportive engineering graduate programs to broaden your experience, to senior consultant and advisor jobs, find out how you can shape your engineering career in Australia with us. Be a part of an innovative and green-focused team that’s driving engineering potential.