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Insights Develop a thriving Human Resources career in India

With one of the world’s largest workforces and the fastest growing economy, there is high demand for Human Resource (HR) specialists across India. With a flourishing workforce, the human resources sector is seeing exciting challenges in managing, supporting and enabling employees across various backgrounds with a range of skills, abilities and work preferences to further their careers. 

At Atkins, a member of the AtkinsRéalis Group, we know a thriving human resources team is the backbone of a company. Our team in India is committed to creating a competitive advantage for our talented individuals, and to do this means staying at the forefront of India’s key HR trends.


How our human resource professionals are innovating the business

Digitisation and hybrid working

A recent survey found that 73% of companies in India are considering hybrid working as part of the future work model. At Atkins, our focus on hybrid working relies on the digital transformation taking place across the country. Throughout the pandemic, India saw the benefits of technology and is now enabling greater value, innovative thinking and sustainable practices through digitisation.

HR professionals across the country are now tasked with bringing together the benefits of a digital transformation and creating a safe, sustainable and effective hybrid model that benefits both the workforce and our clients. 

DEI practices

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives are an exciting prospect for HR advisors with many aspects to consider. For example, there are 22 major languages recognised in India, but estimates believe there are over 19,500 languages or dialects across the nation. This is just one of the considerations that HR advisors need to factor into DEI plans for accessibility and inclusivity. 

Another consideration is the inclusion of females in the workplace. Women make up just 4.7% of CEO positions in India as of 2021. Atkins has long been an advocate for gender equality at work and has been awarded as one of the 100 Best Companies for Women in India. Consequently, we’re striving to ensure we make headway with equal workplace opportunities. 

Our talented HR team has helped us to work closely with our workers to create inclusive policies to improve parental leave, workplace safety, flexible work and schemes that enhance recruitment, retention and advancement. 

We understand that for DEI to be successful across an organisation, it requires ongoing work; with a dedicated DEI department and a culture of equality and inclusivity, every team member has a part to play in improving diversity and equity across the organisation. 

Talent retention

While recruitment is important, human resource professionals cover a plethora of activities. One vital aspect of this is talent retention. A report by Statista has found that 83% of industries in India are experiencing talent shortages. Further studies suggest that just 62% of India’s workforce plan to stay with their current employer over the next 12 months. As a result, finding ways to keep talent happy at work is becoming crucial for business decisions.

With the demand for skilled professionals increasing, there is a race for talent and also the importance of talent retention policies. Ongoing support, a focus on equality and a culture of innovation have all been instrumental in retaining talent at Atkins. For HR professionals, listening to our workforce, responding to their needs and creating opportunities that recognise and celebrate our talent is an exciting and rewarding part of the HR job. 

Thrive in HR with Atkins, a member of AtkinsRéalis

From getting stuck into global projects to nurturing local teams with policies and strategies or supporting ongoing career development and talent retention, Atkins offers HR careers in which to make your mark.

We’re regularly recruiting for a range of HR jobs in India, from reward analysts to HR advisors, recruiters to HR service excellence; you can find a role that takes your HR career to the next level while being part of a passionate, resourceful and innovative team. So whether you’re looking for your first role in HR or ready to uplevel with a senior position, you can make a positive difference to our team.

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