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Insights What are the trends shaping the future of project management?

Project management has always been a critical part of any business’ operations because it brings organisation and direction to projects. Without good project management, teams can fall off track and fail to meet strategic goals. Project managers are, therefore, hugely in-demand and there’s a range of opportunities to progress in this career path.

Project management is important for ensuring deliverables are reached on time, within budget, and within the broader context of the overall goal. There’s no doubt that professionals in this field have a huge future ahead of them. But what does that future look like? You can’t imagine it without factoring in the emerging trends.

At AtkinsRéalis , and our brands Atkins, Faithful+Gould, and Acuity, we understand the intricacies and complexities of project management. We deliver world-class expertise at scale and we work on some of the most pressing challenges in various markets, from transportation, energy and manufacturing. So we’ve put together some of the top trends that are shaping the future of project management.

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AI and automation

Artificial intelligence and automation have increasingly found their way into project management. AI-powered tools have become prominent in many industries and they will no doubt play a pivotal role in project management in the future.. One of the most obvious benefits of artificial intelligence in project management is that can automate repetitive tasks with little or no human assistance. AI can use previous projects to inform predictions and calculations, perform risk modelling and optimise resource scheduling. By automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, project managers can focus their efforts on completing more pressing tasks, allowing them to make a greater impact.

Data-driven project management

With businesses of all sizes generating huge amounts of data every day, the data-driven project manager is on the rise. Reporting and data analytics can help project managers measure progress faster and it provides a larger picture of the project. Project managers can use data to analyse the performance of a project, as well as measure issues and better manage and optimise the results. The use of data can help project managers predict outcomes and identify patterns and trends. Data plays a massive part in any organisation and it will continue to play a key role in project management.

Agile methodology

Agile methodology, otherwise known as agile project management, is another prominent trend in project management. It’s the process of breaking a project into several smaller parts that can be more easily managed. It involves the collaboration with different stakeholders at each stage of the project, from planning, executing and evaluating. In addition, professionals can manage their projects much more seamlessly.

An agile methodology is a dynamic approach to project management that is both people and results-focused, centred around flexibility and adaptability. The process delivers greater customer satisfaction, reduced risk and better all-around control of the project. An agile methodology within project management also focuses on continuous improvement and testing throughout a project’s life cycle.

Increase in remote working

The COVID-19 pandemic opened the floodgates for the rise of remote working, which before had been an exception, but it’s since become widespread practice. According to research, three-quarters of home and hybrid workers reported an improved work-life balance, and over half reported it being quicker to complete work. Within many organisations, there’s now a greater reliance on remote project managers. Thanks to digital technology, project professionals can take advantage of a range of project management tools that help assist with task completion.

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