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Insights Why Ottawa is one the best Canadian cities for civil engineering jobs

Civil engineers are among the key contributors to economic and societal growth. These professionals design, build and manage large construction projects, and maintain the existing infrastructure that people depend on every day. This includes roads, bridges, railways, and other structures that help make cities and towns great places to live. As a result, civil engineering jobs are highly in-demand in Canada. The professionals working in this field are expert problem-solvers and work in a wide range of industries, such as construction, transportation, and clean power.

At AtkinsRéalis , we offer procurement, engineering and construction services to our clients. We understand the value that civil engineers provide, so we have a range of job opportunities. We work closely with our brands, Atkins, Faithful+Gould, and Acuity, where we create sustainable solutions to tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges. We’re also dedicated to reducing carbon emissions to create a better, safer planet. Below, we discuss one Canada’s best cities for civil engineering jobs.

boat cruising on a river with Ottawa's skyline in the distance

Civil engineering in Ottawa

There’s massive scope for growth and development as a civil engineer in Canada due to the wide variety of projects throughout the country. For example, Ontario – which is Canada’s most populous province - is currently hosting a major construction project that aims to expand and upgrade the GO rail infrastructure over the next decade. Meanwhile, the Bruce Nuclear generation station, based in Ontario, is being refurbished to extend the plant’s life until 2064. These are just a few signs that show Ontario to be the manufacturing and engineering powerhouse it is, which means there’s a great need for civil engineers.

Therefore, due to the number underway projects, Ottawa – located in the east of Southern Ontario – is a great city for civil engineering jobs. According to research, Ottawa has $1.9 billion in infrastructure projects planned for 2022, and there are also many ongoing projects, including the Montreal Road revitalization and the Standherd Drive widening. With so many projects, there are lots of opportunities for civil engineers, both junior and highly experienced professionals. As the capital city of Canada, Ottawa naturally has the drawing power to attract a range of civil engineering professionals, along with Toronto and Vancouver – both of which have strong prospects for civil engineers.

How to become a civil engineer in Canada?

Becoming a civil engineer in Canada requires professionals to complete a bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related discipline. Students in Canada typically must complete four years of essential study before branching out and applying for jobs. To become a well-rounded civil engineer, professionals should learn about mapping and drawing, surveying, urban planning and environmental science, all of which are important skills when navigating different projects. With the right qualifications and skills, professionals can prepare themselves for a civil engineering career in Ottawa, Canada.

What skills will civil engineers need in the future?

As technology continues to advance and with the rise of industry 4.0, civil engineers will need to upskill and develop competence in digital analytics. The future cities will be more interconnected than ever, with artificial intelligence paving the way for more transport usage in cities. It’s believed that 80% of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050 - a 55% increase from current levels. As civil engineers begin to work on more high-level projects incorporating digital technology, they will need to broaden their problem-solving skills and successfully raise complex problems and analyse them. This means increased communication skills, leadership, and creativity. Overall, with Ottawa being one of the major cities for civil engineering, professionals will also need to maintain and improve their skillset to remain ahead of the competition.

Are you looking for your next civil engineering job in Canada?

There’s no shortage of civil engineering jobs in Canada. At AtkinsRéalis , we have a range of opportunities that will allow you to work on global projects. We’re an inclusive and diverse organization, and we partner with quality clients to help them overcome their challenges.

Technology and data are integral to tackling our clients’ problems, and we’re focused on developing our employees and driving them forward. We’re proud to have worked on some of the most innovative projects, and we’re always looking to grow our team. Browse our civil engineering vacancies in Canada, or browse all vacancies to see all engineering jobs in Canada.

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