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Insights 5 skills needed in a building surveyor job

What is the job of a building surveyor? 

A building surveyor is a professional responsible for assessing, evaluating, and reporting on the condition, structure, and compliance of buildings, ensuring they meet legal and regulatory standards.

Here at AtkinsRéalis, we are actively seeking building surveyors to join our team and contribute expertise to exciting and meaningful projects which make a real impact on the world around us. 

5 skills of a building surveyor

1. Expertise in building regulations

This skill is crucial for building surveyors as it allows them to navigate and interpret the complex legal frameworks and codes governing construction, ensuring compliance and adherence to safety standards. 

2. Strong analytical abilities

This allows building surveyors to evaluate structures, assess potential risks, and devise effective solutions for various building-related issues or defects.

3. Knowledge of construction technology

This is an understanding of modern building methods, materials, and techniques, facilitating comprehensive assessments and informed decision-making. 

As the construction industry evolves, it is important for construction professionals including building surveyors to stay up to date with latest developments in the industry. 

We integrate digital expertise with our decades of engineering excellence to design solutions that work across the entire project lifecycle, and at scale. This means you’ll have access to all of our people, our data insights and our technology so you can deliver exceptional outcomes.

4. Excellent communication skills

Excellent communication skills are vital to effectively convey technical information, both in written reports and verbal discussions, ensuring clear and concise communication with clients, contractors, and other stakeholders.

Effective communication serves as the conduit for this collaboration, fostering an environment where ideas are exchanged freely and collective efforts steer toward innovative solutions and successful project outcomes. 

We not only emphasise collaboration as a core value but also recognise that seamless communication is the backbone that binds together our colleagues, departments, and teams across the globe to achieve collective success in projects and initiatives.

5. Proficiency in surveying techniques

This fundamental skill equips surveyors with the practical skills to conduct accurate site inspections, gather data, and perform detailed measurements essential for thorough building assessments. 

Deliver intelligent, sustainable solutions in a building surveyor job 

Join us as a Building Surveyor at AtkinsRéalis, and work with colleagues as talented as you, pressing for innovation and excellence. 

Work on engaging, varied work across retail, health, energy, commercial property, education, residential, and public sectors. 

In our cross-disciplinary, collaborative environment, you'll play a pivotal role in managing client relationships while handling technical and legal issues.

Explore our building surveyor jobs today.