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Insights Mega-projects shaping the future of KSA

Although the definition of a mega project can vary, there are some common factors that differentiate a mega project from other smaller-scale projects. Mega projects tend to be those that span over a year in duration and with a high total value. For example, the USA Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs defines a mega-construction project as one that spans more than a year with a total value of at least $25 million. 

Although mega projects are being executed in several countries across the globe, there are many hubs where large-scale growth is facilitating a range of exciting mega projects. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of these hubs, seeing huge investments across several key locations. 

Some areas such as NEOM are home to many of these mega projects. Yet KSA’s mega-projects are far from exclusively concentrated here, with several exciting, large-scale projects spanning across the country. 

Saudi Arabia Riyadh at night

King Salman Park

Announced as part of the KSA’s Vision 2030, King Salman Park is a major development in Saudi’s capital city of Riyadh. The goal of this project is to produce a ‘green lung’ area for the city that offers a vibrant destination that is accessible to all and rich in nature. The park will span 16 km² and be home to social hubs of arts, culture, innovation, sports and entertainment. 

The successful completion of King Salman Park will help Riyadh turn into a world-leading centre for tourism and offer residents of the city a heightened quality of life.

The Red Sea

As tourism mega-projects go, The Red Sea project is arguably one of the most exciting in the world. This project will see the development of an area into a major tourism and hospitality destination, tapping into the area's stunning surroundings and providing better accessibility to one of the world’s last hidden national treasures. 

Backed by the Public Investment Fund, The Red Sea project will span over 28,000 km² including more than 90 islands. A major goal of this project is to undertake construction using sustainable best practices as well as developing a destination which will have a limited negative impact on the environment. 


Development in AlUla will offer tourists an exciting opportunity to tap into the extensive historical human and natural significance of the area including preserved tombs, developments, monuments and sandstone outcrops. The AlUla region is home to more than 200 millennia of unexplored human history including Nabataean city of Hegra, Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

As a ‘living museum’, AlUla will both provide economic benefits to the area, as well as helping support the ongoing protection and excavation of sites within the region.


A wellness focus project announced as part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, AMAALA is a mega project situated on the northwestern coast of the country. Plans for the area will see investment from the Public Investment Fund being challenged into creating a destination focused on transformative personal journeys with support from wellness, culture and arts-specialised locations.

This mega project highlights the country’s commitment to developing tourism and higher levels of wellness. 

Diriyah Gate

Investment in Diriyah Gate will see it transform into the country's cultural capital. Plans for this 7sq km area have a special focus on showcasing the KSA’s 300+ years of culture and history. Tourists to the area will be able to access a unique heritage experience alongside educational facilities, world-class entertainment and dining.

Just 20 minutes northwest of the country’s capital city, Diriyah Gate is an important part of developing tourism in the country whilst showcasing and preserving a rich and diverse history.


Like Diriyah Gate, Qiddiya is a KSA mega project which focuses specifically on delivering a world-class experience in specific areas. Plans for Qiddiya will see the development of a hub focused on entertainment, sports and arts at a scale never seen before. This will take the form of five thematic cornerstones: 

  • Parks & Attractions
  • Sports & Wellness
  • Motion & Mobility
  • Arts & Culture
  • Nature & Environment.

Advance your career working on a mega project in Saudi Arabia

It is clear that the KSA is currently a world leader when it comes to mega projects. This makes the country a perfect destination for those looking to gain experience on some of the most ambitious construction projects the world has ever seen. AtkinsRéalis is already playing a major part in many of these projects and is on the lookout for ambitious professionals to join our teams in the area. 

If you see yourself developing your career in Saudi Arabia you can find your next role working on NEOM with us. Alternatively, join our talent community and sign up for job alerts to keep on top of upcoming opportunities.