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Insights Embracing Career Opportunities in Atkins India: Meshal’s Story

At Atkins India, our core beliefs lie in empowering and unleashing the full potential of our team members, enabling them to create a tangible impact and contribute towards building a brighter future for our planet through engineering. 

We firmly believe that the opportunities within our organization are limitless, and we are dedicated to providing international exposure, exemplifying our truly global culture. 

To highlight this, we are shining a spotlight on Meshal Rashed H Alrashed, a 2020 graduate from Multimedia University in Malaysia, who is a true representation of someone who is creating a positive impact through his role at Atkins. 

Meet Meshal

With prior experience under his belt, Meshal found the prospect of applying to Atkins intriguing. He officially joined us in March 2023 and is spearheading the onboarding process in the Middle East. As part of this project, he is currently undertaking a 3-month international assignment with our Global Technology Centre - Middle East Shared Services team, based in India.

Image of Meshal an Atkins India employee

Meshal’s accomplishments and problem-solving skills 

One of the notable accomplishments was the recruitment of 50+ candidates from the Middle East to comply with the Emiratization policy, which requires the public sector to prioritize employing UAE nationals. Additionally, he played a pivotal role in hiring for projects in Gurugram and Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, he takes pride in his ability to swiftly resolve problems. He recalls an instance where, after hiring 17 employees, the company faced a challenge in providing accommodation during the busy Christmas vacation period. However, he promptly devised a solution by arranging their stay for 49 days. Thanks to his efficient problem-solving skills, the employees had a seamless experience on their first day.

We think boldly, proudly, and differently at Atkins India and Meshal demonstrates the qualities that have earned Atkins a place as one of the world’s most respected design, engineering and project management consultancies.

Pursuing professional and personal growth 

He is currently pursuing his CIPD level 5 qualification and takes pride in encouraging his colleagues to embark on the same journey. Balancing working and studying, he feels a sense of accomplishment as he progresses towards achieving this goal. 

Our middle and senior managers have worked extensively all over the world, and appreciate that careers are built on experience. We’ve fostered a continuous learning environment at Atkins India where all of our colleagues are encouraged to develop their skills and experience. 

During his 3-month assignment in India, he thoroughly enjoyed his stay and looks forward to pursuing a master's degree in HR within the next 5 years. Additionally, he actively supports his siblings' education by providing financial assistance.

Reflecting on his experience during the excellence awards, he found it exhilarating to witness the entire management and leadership team come together and showcase their talents.

The scale of the organization impressed him, highlighting the power of unity among employees at work. Known for his jovial nature, he seamlessly adapts to different cultures and embraces the office environment, which his teammates greatly appreciate. His inquisitive nature sets him apart and his vibrant presence is something they will miss.

Inspiring ED&I Initiatives and CSR Engagement

Being an avid traveller, he derives great joy from exploring different countries and immersing himself in their diverse cultures. The Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I) initiatives implemented at our workplace have deeply inspired him, instilling a sense of kindness and fairness towards all prospective candidates. 

He has a strong desire to engage in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, particularly the Swachh Bharat initiative, as it aligns with his values and provides an opportunity to contribute to society while enhancing his communication skills during his time in India.

A collaborative and supportive work environment 

The inclusive environment at Atkins has made Meshal feel consistently embraced. The communication style and open-door policy inspire him to maintain unwavering self-confidence and openly discuss his work with others. 

He expresses that he has never hesitated to approach higher management, address any concerns, and seek solutions to his queries. This experience stands in stark contrast to his previous workplaces, where he had to schedule meetings for updates or issue resolution. 

His manager, Meghana Rao – Senior Regional Delivery Manager, says that “Meshal has been a great addition to the MEA People Hub Team. His ability to adapt to cultures, learn processes on the go and thrive in any environment is highly appreciated. The team has benefited as much from his visit to Bangalore as he has, and I wish him great success with the rest of his stint here.” 

Across all departments and teams, you’ll find one thing in common. The support from your managers and colleagues. Collaboration is one of our core values which means we work together and embrace each other’s unique contribution to deliver amazing results for all.

Image of Meshals team at Atkins India

Find your next job at Atkins India 

A career with Atkins India is an opportunity to deliver infrastructure and property projects that enhance India’s economy and enrich the lives of its citizens. We’re constantly evolving ways to stay ahead by keeping our people professionally in tune with the market.

If you’re looking forward to joining a truly inclusive organization with exciting career opportunities, then explore our wide range of options and apply for a job in India today