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Insights Championing Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion with passion and impact

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) are critical pillars in our organization, shaping an inclusive and welcoming workplace. 

To highlight the remarkable strides made in embedding ED&I in everything we do, and in conjunction with Pride Month, we interviewed Kyle A. Kellogg, an LGBTQ+ employee leading the Equilibrium North America Employee Resource Group (ERG). Let’s discover his inspiring journey.

Surprising acceptance
Kyle's journey within the engineering and construction industry has exposed him to the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals. However, he has also found the industry, often perceived as homophobic, to be unexpectedly accepting.

The inherent diversity and close-knit nature of construction teams at AtkinsRéalis have fostered a shared understanding and collaboration. This, in turn, often leads to a greater acceptance of differences. Kyle acknowledges that not everyone will have the same positive experience and believes that more work needs to be done to foster an open and inclusive environment for all.

A transformative experience
A traumatic event where Kyle was the target of homophobia – during a construction course given by one of AtkinsRéalis ’s external providers – revealed the unwavering support of his colleagues and leadership in our organization. This experience ignited a passion within him to establish a safe space and a community of like-minded individuals. Inspired by a successful UK-based employee resource group, Kyle joined forces with fellow employees and launched Equilibrium in the United States in September 2021. Starting with a modest group of 10 to 15 members, Equilibrium rapidly grew to 147 members in the United States and Canada.

While Equilibrium serves as a haven for LGBTQ+ individuals, nearly half of its members are passionate allies who enthusiastically lend their support, recognizing the importance of standing up for equality and inclusion.

The importance of leadership
As an employee-driven initiative, Equilibrium benefits from a global sponsor, Mike Newton (SVP, Human Resources, USA), who advocates for Equilibrium and secures funding for their events. Additionally, Érik Ryan (EVP, Marketing, Strategy and External Relations) acts as the global ally to LGBTQ+ employees and, to Kyle’s words, goes above and beyond in his support, acting not only as an ally but also as a champion.

The involvement of leaders for ERGs is crucial as they lend credibility and legitimacy to the groups they get involved with, driving meaningful change and encouraging broader participation.

Building trust and overcoming fear
Joining an ED&I group can be daunting, but Equilibrium actively cultivates an environment that fosters trust and understanding. This ERG strives to create an open, accepting, and retaliation-free space where individuals can embrace their true selves without fear of judgment.

Kyle understands that some employees may question the need for an LGBTQ+ safe space, for Pride parades or marches, especially if they perceive equal rights have been achieved in many countries.

For him, these are opportunities to embrace diversity and show support for fellow humans. Pride parades offer a tangible, in-person platform to stand together and combat homophobia. They provide a space to amplify voices, address remaining challenges, and inspire everyone to foster positive change. By marching, they not only represent their organization but also send a powerful message to potential future employees and aspiring engineers who may be hesitant due to perceived homophobia.

Embrace the journey
Kyle's journey within the engineering industry sheds light on the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals, but also the power of support, allyship, and proactive initiatives like Equilibrium. Through their collective efforts, Equilibrium members and allies exemplify the transformative impact of ED&I initiatives in our workplace and inspire others to embrace their true selves in pursuit of fulfilling careers in our organization. Bas du formulaire