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Insights Engineering, environment and evolution: my digital role at Atkins

My name is Alec Todd, and I work at the Project Delivery Practice (PDP) at Atkins, a member of the AtkinsRéalis Group. I'm a passionate and engaged nuclear design/engineering manager who loves working with digital. My experience is in delivering large and complex infrastructure projects, honing my expertise in designing and installing Mechanical Building Services. I'm also proud to hold a Masters of Engineering (MEng) from Durham University, and to be working towards professional registration as a chartered engineer.     

Why I joined Atkins

Atkins is one of the world's leading design and engineering consultancies. That attracted me – I dreamt of working on leading-edge technology on the world's largest, most complex infrastructure projects. I wanted a career with an organization that could take me across the globe!

Experience across roles and locations

Since joining Atkins' Graduate Development Programme, I've worked in different roles across a huge variety of projects, which has greatly benefited my professional and personal development. I've worked in multiple locations across the UK. I have spent periods working in client offices and on live construction sites. In these environments, you see the real impact that the delivery of your project has on the client. 

I am currently based on a construction site, supporting the building of a new facility that Atkins has designed. I see the building design come to life through construction and then into operation by the client. It's incredibly rewarding!

Using Augmented Reality is transforming the way we work.

The Project Delivery Practice is championing digital to make our and our clients' work more efficient. In the project I'm working on, we're using an Augmented Reality tool that adds a digital layer to our real-world view to help fit out a complex new building. Our Creative Design team developed it in-house to support the building team to see the design in 3D right on top of the real world. This way, the workers can spot any issues before they become real problems at the construction site. This helps avoid delays and extra costs in the building project. This is just one way we use digital technologies to add value to our clients' construction projects.

How I'm engineering better for the planet and its people

I work with project teams on new construction projects ensuring that the building designs use materials that are as good for the environment as possible. We also try to make the buildings use less energy. 

At Atkins, employees can use up to two days each year to do volunteer work. This can be anything from helping out at a charity event, cleaning up litter, or planting trees. I spend my volunteer time encouraging young people from all walks of life to take an interest in STEM subjects at college or university career fairs. I also judge engineering challenges between schools. Finding the next group of engineers is really important for creating a better future and bringing new ideas and talent into the industry.

"Atkins is a fantastic place to work.”

I've worked in dozens of teams within Atkins, and each one has been a pleasure, filled with supportive, diverse, and talented professionals. We use the group workspaces in our offices and work flexibly, fitting our jobs around our lives. Our line managers always put our interests and career growth first – our people are valued for being at the heart of everything we do.

And when I'm not working…

I like playing badminton with colleagues and going out for team meals. I also enjoy bouldering (climbing) with friends on a Friday evening after work. At the weekends, I love spending time outdoors, walking with my partner and our dogs – with a stop at a pub along the way!

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