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Insights Why Atkins Norway? Thriving on innovation, expertise, and sustainability

Hi, my name is Sarah Esma. I'm a Senior Consultant at Atkins, a member of the AtkinsRéalis Group, and based in Norway. As a project manager with a background in mechanical engineering, I do a lot of work in rail and infrastructure.

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Choosing a world of challenge, creativity, and collaboration

While job hunting, Atkins stood out due to its stellar reputation and commitment to high-quality projects. Its diverse, global projects aligned with my creative problem-solving passion. Plus, the team spirit and support at Atkins really resonated with me. All in all, it felt like the perfect place for professional growth, meaningful work, and collaboration with talented colleagues.

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The company's diverse portfolio and global presence presented an exciting opportunity to work on challenging and impactful projects around the world.

The only way to do great work is to love where you work 

I appreciate the exciting mix of employee growth, team spirit, and constant innovation. The company's focus on nurturing skills, be it through training, mentorship, or challenging assignments, fuels my professional journey. Collaborating with a diverse and talented bunch improves our work and makes the workplace lively. Atkins' leading-edge innovation keeps me on my toes, pushing my boundaries. This blend of growth, collaboration, and innovation keeps me loving life at Atkins.

Thriving on diverse projects: from securing Oslo's trams to managing Ireland's motorways

I've worked on exciting projects! As a Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety (RAMS) advisor for Oslo's trams in the Rolling Stock division, my role was all about ensuring their reliability, safety, and efficiency. I managed risks, identified hazards, and found ways to lessen those risks. My guidance in developing RAMS strategies, safety assessments, and adhering to safety standards aimed to boost the trams' overall performance and safety.

On the infrastructure side, I’ve been part of a team assisting Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) in managing their motorway network through the four-year MCAAS Project. We're supplying expert road maintenance, design, and supervisory staff, and I've been working on supervision, monitoring, auditing and advisory services. What's incredible is that I collaborate with Atkins' Dublin team while in Oslo, thanks to Atkins' global reach and strong digital communication. This allows us to share information, collaborate in real time, and benefit from each other's expertise and perspectives through modern technology and digital platforms. Working in this way contributes to increased efficiency, stimulates creativity, and fosters a global work culture.

Digital transformation is about changing how we think.

Our team is driven by innovation, fostering creativity and out-of-the-box problem-solving. Through active learning, we embrace technologies and methods that could revolutionize our field, staying ahead with cutting-edge solutions. We're keen on industry conferences and knowledge-sharing sessions and always ready to bring fresh ideas to our projects. Our collaborative environment, thriving on cross-disciplinary teamwork, helps us approach projects holistically, uncovering unique solutions that transcend traditional approaches.

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By breaking down silos and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, we can approach projects holistically and uncover unique solutions that may not have been possible in a traditional, isolated approach.

We prioritize sustainability, embedding eco-friendly design principles in our projects to promote resilience. From renewable energy integration to resource optimization and sustainable infrastructure, we're set on crafting a brighter future. Ultimately, our team's focus on innovation, collaboration, and sustainability helps us redefine industry norms, making a lasting, positive impact on both society and the environment.

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Our team engineers a better future by continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible in our industry and delivering solutions that positively impact society and the environment.

Everything we do improves lives sustainably. 

Our projects significantly affect society, from improving Oslo's trams' reliability to incorporating sustainability in infrastructure. We enhance daily commutes, ensuring access to essential services while reducing environmental footprint and promoting renewable resources. Safety is paramount, from risk assessments to hazard identification, ensuring public well-being. We're not just engineers – we're collaborators, working with local stakeholders to understand needs, promote inclusivity, and boost local economies. We're making life better for individuals and communities by thinking beyond technical requirements. 

Our work culture: making a better space for everyone 

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Overall, the culture at Atkins promotes collaboration, innovation, continuous learning, diversity, and integrity. It is a culture that fosters professional growth, encourages creativity, and drives us to deliver excellence in everything we do.

In Atkins Norway, we value individual skills while achieving shared goals. Open communication and knowledge sharing keep us abreast of industry advancements. We're all about innovation, embracing new tech and ideas to solve client challenges. We care about professional growth, providing training and mentorship opportunities for everyone to reach their full potential. 

Diversity and inclusion aren't just buzzwords here - we truly value diverse perspectives and foster an environment where everyone feels valued. Integrity is vital, and we emphasize honest, transparent, and ethical conduct, building trust among our team and clients. 

We champion innovation and everyone's ideas are heard.

Atkins Norway is special because of its blend of expert professionals, innovative mindset, and commitment to sustainability. Our multidisciplinary team excels in addressing complex challenges and delivering top-notch results. Innovation is our core, keeping us at the forefront of emerging technologies and cutting-edge solutions. We are serious about sustainability, implementing eco-friendly practices from energy-efficient buildings to sustainable transport systems.

Collaboration is key in understanding our client's needs, enabling us to deliver tailored solutions with lasting impacts. Above all, our dedication to excellence is reflected in our track record of successful projects delivered on time, within budget, and beyond expectations. 

In short, our mix of expertise, innovation, sustainability, collaboration, and excellence sets Atkins Norway apart and makes us truly special. 

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