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Insights How does AtkinsRéalis support reservists? An inside look with Chief Engineer.

Hello, my name is Paul Hutchinson. I'm a Captain in the Royal Corps of Signals, Second in Command of 51 Signal Squadron and Chief Engineer for Digital Infrastructure with AtkinsRéalis.

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Army, AtkinsRéalis, and me: thriving in dual worlds

I served as a Regular soldier from 1993 to 1999, including tours of Bosnia, Kosovo and Northern Ireland, before leaving to pursue a career outside the Army. I joined AtkinsRéalis in August 2014, re-joining the Army as a Reservist in 2017. I'm in a technical role within the Army, which has some synergy with my role in AtkinsRéalis.

I've immensely enjoyed my career and role. The work is enjoyable, and the people I work with are incredible, and having commissioned through the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS), my leadership skills have greatly benefited and complemented my career with AtkinsRéalis.

Photo of Rebecca smiling towards the camera

Flexibility with Partnering with Armed Forces

AtkinsRéalis has held the Military of Defence Gold Employer Recognition Award since 2015, which shows its support and advocacy for our Armed Forces. It achieves this through Partnering with Armed Forces (PwAF), a programme helping ex-forces to find work, supporting our transition to civvy street, and as a community for those with a military interest.

PwAF has been incredibly supportive of me as a Reservist. In addition to the two weeks' leave I receive annually to undertake military training, the programme also supported my six-month mobilization during Op RESCRIPT.

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