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Insights Top 5 careers in Environment & Geoscience at SNC-Lavalin

Our Environment & Geoscience teams aren’t just using technology and expertise to meet our clients’ visions – they’re preserving the future of our planet! 

Whether providing solutions to protect ecosystems, conducting studies on air quality, or remediating former oil and gas facilities, you'll be working with colleagues who are well-known in the industry for end-to-end solutions that make the seemingly impossible, possible at AtkinsRéalis . 

What are the differences between a career in Environment & Geoscience? 

A career in Environment focuses on studying and managing environmental systems, and addressing the human impacts on ecosystems. 

Whereas, a career in Geoscience focuses on the study of Earth’s structure and how we can develop the built environment considering natural hazards, using geology and geophysics principles. 

There are overlaps and interdisciplinary opportunities between these two fields where professionals leverage methodologies and applications with a common goal of protecting the environment.

If you are wondering what Environmental & Geoscience careers are out there, then look no further. Here are the top 5 careers in this field: 

Sustainability Consultant 

Key responsibilities: Helping organisations reach their sustainability targets by assessing their environmental impact, developing sustainability strategies, and implementing green initiatives. 

Why pursue this career: You’ll be helping organisations to operate sustainably long term and contributing to climate action as a Sustainability Consultant

Geotechnical Engineer 

Key responsibilities: Design the foundations for construction projects to ensure safety and stability by assessing site conditions. 

Why pursue this career: You’ll be combining engineering expertise with geotechnical knowledge to address geological complexities. 

Environmental Scientist 

Key responsibilities: Assessing the impact of human activities on the environment and developing sustainable solutions to reduce the impact. 

Why pursue this career: You’ll be making a significant impact on preserving natural resources and contributing to the development of environmentally friendly practices. 

Hear from one of our Assistant Environmental Scientists, Sam Rayner on how he is making a difference through his role: 

“Pretty much all of my work involves sustainability, Net-Zero and social value. INNS are the second most significant threat to biodiversity worldwide after habitat destruction. Much of my work consists of spreading the message about their dangers and how to mitigate them. I work with water companies to improve practices and stop the spread through aquatic networks.”

Environmental Project Manager 

Key responsibilities: Planning, executing, and managing environmental projects and ensuring projects meet local compliance regulations. 

Why pursue this career: You’ll have the chance to lead impactful projects, engage with stakeholders across the business, and drive sustainable outcomes as an Environmental Project Manager

Design Manager 

Key responsibilities: Overseeing design projects and ensuring they align with project objectives. 

Why pursue this career: You’ll be combining creativity with technical expertise to shape architectural and engineering projects and bring your visions to life. 

How will I make an impact with AtkinsRéalis ? 

At AtkinsRéalis we help clients to really understand how projects will affect the environment and its communities. Our people connect with governments, industries and communities to obtain an understanding of the community culture and concerns. Our aim is to forge a consensus that works for everyone and ultimately supports our clients’ best interests. 

You’ll have the opportunity to work on global projects that tackle the world’s most pressing challenges such as climate change to transportation needs. Operating sustainably is a key priority for us and we want to empower you to come up with your own ideas on how to embed sustainability in your everyday work and engineer a better future for the planet and its people.

Explore Environment & Geoscience careers at AtkinsRéalis

Interested in making a sustainable difference and becoming part of a global team of over 1,200 similar-minded individuals wanting to make a difference? Join our Environment & Geoscience team here.