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Insights Working and living in AlUla, with Kauthar Al Rawahy

Can you introduce yourself and describe your journey as a Mobilization Manager in AlUla? 

My name is Kauthar Al Rawahy, and I am the Mobilization Manager in AlUla. I joined the AlUla team in November 2022 after working as a Document Controller Lead in Oman for over nine years. The transition to AlUla was a significant change for me, but I quickly embraced the town and now consider it my home. Initially, I worked as a Document Controller Lead while also supporting the project with mobilization and recruitment efforts. After six months, I transitioned into the role of Mobilization Manager with the support of the team. It has been a fulfilling journey, witnessing the team grow with new employees every day.

What specific projects are you currently overseeing in AlUla as a Mobilization Manager?

I am currently overseeing all the projects in AlUla. These projects involve managing a team of approximately 218 staff members, and we anticipate increasing the workforce to around 300 by the end of the year.

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What are some benefits and difficulties you encounter while working in a remote location? 

Working in remote areas can be challenging, particularly if you lack a supportive team and feel isolated. It can also be difficult to miss out on family gatherings or cultural events. My transition may have been easier as I relocated with my two daughters.  In addition, we have a strong sense of community within the Atkins family, all coming from diverse backgrounds and cultures. We come together for events, celebrations, and support each other during both happy and challenging times.

What activities do you enjoy in AlUla? 

I enjoy engaging in various activities, especially during the winter season. Some of the activities I enjoy include helicopter rides, hot air balloon rides, exploring the historic site of Hegra, zip-lining, horse riding, and hiking in the old town. AlUla offers a diverse range of experiences for residents and visitors alike.

How do you manage your time and tasks in AlUla?

Managing my time and tasks in AlUla is relatively easy. I follow a structured schedule, starting work at 8:00 am, which is conveniently just a 5-minute ride away from my place of residence. The absence of traffic allows for efficient commuting. After work, which typically ends at 6:00 pm, I utilize my time for personal pursuits, such as studying and organizing gatherings with employees. I find great pleasure in meeting and chatting with newcomers, sharing insights about AlUla and its beauty.

What tools do you use to plan projects?

To plan projects, I rely on tools such as Excel, Notes, and the Calendar. These tools help me organize and manage project-related tasks effectively.

How would you describe the work environment in AlUla?

The work environment in AlUla is excellent. It offers a peaceful and beautiful setting, which contributes to a calm and productive atmosphere. The serenity and natural surroundings create a positive work experience.

Join our growing team in AlUla, a place of beautiful heritage.

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