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Insights 5 reasons you should consider a nuclear engineering job at AtkinsRéalis

What is a nuclear engineering job? 

A nuclear engineering job involves developing, designing, operating, and maintaining systems and processes related to nuclear energy. Nuclear professionals are responsible for ensuring the safe and efficient utilization of nuclear materials and technologies while addressing challenges related to safety, environmental impact, and energy production. 

Be part of a team at AtkinsRéalis that makes it possible for generations to experience the benefits of nuclear. Here are 5 reasons you should consider a nuclear engineering job with AtkinsRéalis: 

Create cleaner, more sustainable energy solutions 

We’re on a mission to engineer a better future for our planet and its people. At the heart of everything we do is sustainability

With the global shift towards cleaner energy sources, our nuclear engineers play a crucial role in pioneering innovative nuclear engineering solutions that prioritize sustainable energy practices. 

What does this mean for your nuclear engineering career? It means developing innovative technologies and solutions that harness the power of nuclear energy to generate power with significantly lower carbon emissions. 

You'll be at the forefront of advancing cleaner energy alternatives, addressing climate change concerns, and contributing to a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come.

Work with the latest technologies 

Our commitment to innovation means you'll be immersed in an environment that embraces the latest technological advancements in nuclear engineering. 

From CANDU technology to a control room simulator and world-class machining and fabrication facilities, we have hundreds of patents to our name. 

By joining our team, you'll be part of a dynamic environment where innovation is encouraged, allowing you to leverage the latest technologies to solve complex challenges and shape the nuclear energy landscape. 

Collaborate with industry experts

Working as part of the largest team of its kind, you’ll collaborate with over 3,000 skilled experts covering every facet of the nuclear industry. 

Our team encompasses professionals specializing in various fields within nuclear engineering, from reactor design and safety assessments to waste management. 

We’ve fostered an environment where knowledge-sharing, idea exchange, and collaborative problem-solving are encouraged. 

A supportive work culture 

At AtkinsRéalis, we understand the importance of a work-life balance and support our employees in and out of the workplace. 

This looks like an environment that values teamwork, inclusivity, and professional growth. We believe ‘different makes a difference’ and these differences are one of our greatest strengths. 

We also champion flexible and remote working policies that help you get the most out of life.

Robust professional development opportunities 

We want to empower you to chart your professional trajectory, ensuring you stay at the forefront of advancements within the nuclear engineering industry. 

At AtkinsRéalis, you can expect the support and resources you need to succeed in the field including mentorship opportunities, access to diverse projects, learning resources, and more. 

If you are a nuclear engineering professional who is looking for an opportunity to grow and develop your career, AtkinsRéalis would be a great career destination for you. 

Explore nuclear engineering jobs at AtkinsRéalis 

We invite you to explore our rewarding nuclear engineering positions

Join us in shaping the future of nuclear engineering while advancing your career aspirations in an environment that nurtures innovation and values expertise. 

Discover your path to an exciting and purposeful nuclear engineering career at AtkinsRéalis today!