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Insights Power of appreciation in fuelling career success

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At AtkinsRealis, we believe that every success story within our organization is a testament to our commitment to fostering a culture of appreciation. Today, we share a narrative that encapsulates the transformative power of acknowledgment and recognition.

 Embracing Diversity in Expertise:

Meet Shreyas, who joined us with 8 years’ wealth of knowledge from the IT sector. Driven by the desire for growth, he chose to embark on a new journey within our civil engineering domain. This strategic move aligns seamlessly with our ethos of embracing change and welcoming diverse skill sets.

 Nurturing Exploration:

Shreyas dove headfirst into understanding the nuances of the civil engineering industry during the initial days. His dedication to learning and adapting quickly solidified his place within our company.

 Trusting with Key Responsibilities:

Recognizing his capabilities, he was entrusted with the crucial task of closing several significant roles for our Middle East business along with managing the larger Workday portfolio & recruitment dashboards. This moment marked not just an opportunity for him but a reflection of our confidence in our team members to take on challenges and excel.

 Innovative Strategies Amplified:

Drawing from his eight years of expertise, he implemented innovative sourcing strategies that showcased our commitment to staying ahead of the curve. His outreach to passive candidates, emphasizing project differentiators and our unique work culture, helped him get nearer to closure.

 Support received:

Central to his success was the collaborative ecosystem within the team – a supportive manger and the broader business community rallied around him to ensure he delivered his best. The continuous support, sharing insights, and collectively working towards success was the extra mile the team walked for him. With this, he was able to close the position in a short span & for reasons obvious was awarded the #WOW by the Middle East business partners.

 The Impact of #WOW - Our Appreciation Platform:

The timely recognition and award bestowed upon Shreyas played a crucial role in boosting his confidence as he navigated a new industry. This reflects our commitment to defeating self-doubt and empowering our team members to become experts in their respective domains.

 At AtkinsRéalis, we take immense pride in our appreciation platform, #WOW, as a cornerstone of our culture. And Shreyas’ journey is a vivid illustration of how acknowledgment through #WOW can be a powerful motivator, creating a positive cycle of recognition, motivation, and sustained engagement.

Appreciation is woven into the fabric of our culture. Through stories like these, we see the profound impact of acknowledging and celebrating the achievements of our team members. Today, let's celebrate the collective spirit that defines us, and continue to nurture an environment where every success is recognized, valued, and celebrated.