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Insights Is rapid career progression WITH flexible working even possible?

Meet Tom from our D&AT (Design & Advanced Technology) team. He's an associate at AtkinsRéalis who has built an exciting career on diverse and career-defining projects, including work on the London 2012 Olympics, nuclear power, and airport expansions. The sheer variety and scale of our projects offer unparalleled opportunities for career growth and development in the industry. What we also love about his story is the work-life balance he enjoys, which allowed him to take two sabbaticals to pursue personal adventures without sacrificing career growth. In our interview today, Tom shares how AtkinsRéalis helped him develop professionally while supporting his personal wellbeing. Discover why his experience makes our approach to career development unbeatable.

Photo of Tom smiling towards the camera

How did your journey at AtkinsRéalis prepare you for your current role as an associate?

My journey with the organization started at university. I completed several summer placements and a placement year where I was fortunate enough to work on projects for the London 2012 Olympics. Since graduating, I've worked on numerous large, complex, multidisciplinary projects, such as the new nuclear power station Hinkley Point C or the third runway on Heathrow's Expansion Program. I've worked from multiple AtkinsRéalis offices around the UK, in client offices both in the UK and France, and spent four years on construction sites, all of which have given me the opportunities, skills, and experience to get to where I am today.

What are the essential things you can achieve in your role?

Being an associate with AtkinsRéalis allows me to work on a wide range of truly impressive, complex, and engaging projects in multiple and diverse markets. I can get stuck in and develop interesting solutions. I can bring learning from previous projects and I am trusted to help develop ideas and shape strategy, which will be implemented within some of our strategic frameworks. I find this stimulating and engaging.

Photo of Tom working on site

Your teams are hiring. What's the unique advantage of joining D&AT at AtkinsRéalis compared to competitors?

The variety of roles and projects we have within our team. At some of our competitors, you can work on these types of projects in a particular role but in D&AT, we can work on these projects in multiple roles and enjoy a large variety of projects. For example, on Hinkley, we have people from our team working on the project as civil and structural engineers. We also have people there doing site support, seconded into the client as package managers and technical authorities. We have also had team members develop digital integration solutions and provide advice on physical security and threat reduction. We have used some of these roles and more on projects like Neom, Beckton Sewage Treatment Works, Devonport Dockyard, and even Aquatar, a water theme park in the Middle East.

"During my time with AtkinsRéalis, I've been able to take two sabbaticals, which have been amazing for my own wellbeing."
—Tom, Associate, D&AT

What do you value most about the culture at AtkinsRéalis?

The workplace culture here, particularly in my team, has always supported me and my career. I've been given opportunities to work on some fun and iconic projects while also looking after myself with the ability to take two sabbaticals. I'm grateful to have taken time away from work to fulfill once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, like cycling down South America for six months. It meant I could have no "what if" moments in my personal life without sacrificing my professional life.

#InsideAtkinsRéalis flexible could mean anything from flexible start and finish times to remote working, depending on project and team needs. We'll help you balance your work/life and pursue your big and small personal adventures.

Photo of Tom cycling in South America

Can we really 'engineer a better future'?

Yes, I believe we can. Working in infrastructure means getting involved with everything that shapes our daily lives—from the transportation network we rely on for work and holidays to the utilities that power our homes and offices and the power stations that meet our growing thirst for electricity. This perspective encourages new engineers to view these elements as joined-up systems rather than standalone assets. As technology advances, we will definitely be able to engineer a better future!

How do you #MakeItBrilliant in your role?

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