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Insights 4 reasons to choose Canada for mechanical engineering career

A career in mechanical engineering promises stability, reliability, and gratification, making it one of the most sought-after paths in the field.

Because mechanical engineering is an evergreen branch of engineering—meaning it has long-term applications across a wide variety of industries—there are opportunities abound for qualified professionals.

The thriving career opportunities for mechanical engineers in Canada extend to self-employment or employment via consulting, utilities, or manufacturing companies to name just a few.

To illustrate just how vast the professional scope is for a mechanical engineering career, we’ll take you through a few of the most notable benefits—from competitive salaries to world-class upskilling opportunities.

Before we delve into the reasons Canada might be the best location for you to grow your mechanical engineering career, let’s look at the exciting projects you could work on at AtkinsRéalis.

Mechanical engineering careers at AtkinsRéalis

Our mechanical engineers are so much more than just problem solvers; they are innovators, creators, and architects of tomorrow's technology.

Here at AtkinsRéalis, we provide career opportunities across various cities such as Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Mississauga, Edmonton, and beyond. Whether you're interested in entry-level positions for graduate mechanical engineers, senior roles, or specialized positions in fields like analytics or nuclear, the possibilities are endless.

Imagine yourself at the heart of groundbreaking projects such as the New Champlain Bridge Corridor or Canada’s largest clean power project, the Darlington nuclear generating station. A career with us is not only a chance to contribute to these transformative initiatives but also an opportunity to unleash your potential and make a lasting impact on the world around you.

An innovative engineering sector that drives impact

Innovation has the power to drive sustainability initiatives across all sectors, with engineers often leading the charge. In Canada, mechanical engineers are spearheading groundbreaking projects in clean technology and renewable energy, shaping a more sustainable future for our planet. They are meeting the unique challenges posed by Canada's climate conditions head-on, devising ingenious solutions for essential infrastructure challenges in an ever-changing world.

These opportunities not only place professionals at the cutting edge of technology but also empower them to contribute to real-world solutions. It is this spirit of innovation that helps to propel the economy forward, driving the steady advancement of engineering construction throughout the first half of 2023 and beyond.

Together, mechanical engineers and the wider engineering sector are shaping a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come.

1. The upskilling opportunities are abundant

To meet the growing demand for mechanical engineers in Canada, the country’s education system and internship pathways cater to helping professionals upskill throughout their careers.

Canada is home to a world-class university system, where you can build on your existing qualifications in well-respected institutions like the University of Toronto, University of Alberta, McGill University in Montreal, University of Waterloo in Ontario, and University of British Columbia.

Meanwhile, technical colleges like George Brown College; Algonquin College, Conestoga College, Fanshawe College in Ontario; and Centennial College in Toronto are all excellent places to take specialized mechanical engineering courses and level up the mechanical engineering skills on your resumé.

2. Mechanical engineers command a competitive salary

Undeniably, one of the greatest benefits of taking your mechanical engineering career onto Canadian soil is the competitive salaries on offer. These salaries not only provide financial stability but also serve as a testament to the high demand for skilled professionals in this dynamic field.

Moreover, Canada's robust economy and thriving engineering sector ensure that mechanical engineers are rewarded competitively for their contributions. Companies recognize the value of investing in top talent and offer salaries that not only attract skilled professionals but also retain them in the long term.

With attractive compensation packages, abundant career prospects, and a vibrant engineering community, Canada continues to be a top choice for mechanical engineers looking to thrive and succeed in their careers.

3. It’s a highly regulated profession

As mechanical engineering is a regulated profession in Canada, it’s a reputable field bound to high standards.

Because of this, any career opportunities for mechanical engineers require you to hold a license—and typically a degree, too.

You’ll need to have your existing credentials evaluated before you’ll be issued a mechanical engineer’s license. Then, you’ll need to work as an engineer in training (EIT) under supervision before sitting a professional licensing exam.

So, how long does it take to become a mechanical engineer in Canada? If you’re going down the licensing path, it can be several years.

While the license is a requirement for any job that involves designing, such as a mechanical building engineer, there are myriad career opportunities for mechanical engineers in Canada that don’t require a license, such as technical sales or project management.

4. It offers an exceptional

 Choosing Canada as a destination for a mechanical engineering career offers more than just professional opportunities; it presents a lifestyle that is second to none.

Ranking in the top 10 in the Global Life-Work Balance Index - a score based on factors such as work hours, vacation time, parental leave policies, and overall satisfaction with work-life balance - there is clear evidence of Canada's commitment to promoting a harmonious integration of professional and personal life. Plus, Canada's breathtaking natural landscapes provide endless opportunities for outdoor activities year-round.

Additionally, Canada's vibrant multicultural communities contribute to a rich tapestry of cultural experiences and opportunities for personal growth. The nation’s inclusive society welcomes people from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Explore career opportunities for mechanical engineers in Canada

Canada presents an excellent opportunity for mechanical engineers seeking to advance their careers. However, with a plethora of options available throughout the country, you may find yourself wondering where to start narrowing down your search.

If you're seeking growth opportunities within a dynamic company, our Canadian-based teams may be the perfect fit for you. Take the next step in your career with us and discover the diverse opportunities available to mechanical engineers in Canada today.