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Ashley, Major Project Director, started his career as a civil and structural engineering apprentice. "It was clear during my studies and working environment that I had a natural tendency to solve complex problems and, in doing so, could lead teams of people. This led me to a successful career as a program and operations director in an international construction company before I moved across to lead several businesses including a new modular building division at a subsidiary," he began.

Photo of Ashley smiling towards the camera

What brought you to AtkinsRéalis?

During my final years at my previous company, I encountered the AtkinsRéalis' team several times. I liked the sound of the organization, particularly its culture. I soon joined Project & Programme Services to lead the project management, workspace, and health and safety teams. For the past four years, I have led our largest commission on High Speed 2 and, more recently, taken on the exciting role of leading our major projects team.

What do you do in Project & Programme Services?

I'm immensely privileged to lead our major projects team and capability across Project & Programme Services. This means I get to work alongside a group of individuals who, between them, have seen it all. We aim to harness and grow this capability across the business, ensuring our clients reap the benefits these individuals can provide at a senior executive level.

I also lead our commercial, delivery, and controls framework with High Speed 2. We provide the industry's most talented professionals in an iconic program that will inevitably drive growth into our economy. I'm incredibly excited to be part of this journey and the legacy it will leave behind.

What is senior-level career development like inside AtkinsRéalis?

We seem to have the right balance between support and autonomy, thus creating the space for people to be the best versions of themselves. I've also gained a great deal from the management development training program, which provided a brilliant insight into our business and meeting the inspiring Ian Edwards, our CEO. We have an extensive mentoring and coaching program. I had an excellent coaching experience, which has proved invaluable in supporting my career progress and given me the tools to support others in reverse mentoring.

What do you value most about working at AtkinsRéalis?

It's a cliché in consulting, but in Project & Programme Services, it boils down to the people. We have an incredibly diverse and yet inclusive environment. It's refreshing to be part of a team whose only target is to be the best version of themselves. This approach removes the shackles and limitations of targets. This allows the team to focus purely on what is important, and boy, when we do that, our results are off the charts.

What stands out is the support we offer each other - it's teamwork personified, and it starts with the managing director. While we have intense periods where people are under pressure, there is always time for conversation and smiles on colleagues' faces.

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How would you describe the culture at AtkinsRéalis?

All for one and one for all—our drive to create the best experience for our clients and people results in the freedom to focus on doing the right thing at the right time. This common focus galvanizes our people around a single purpose, fostering a team ethos that is prevalent across our culture. The diversity across our team means that we often view problems through a multitude of different lenses, harnessed through an environment where differing views matter, often resulting in some radical thinking and solutions.

Why does AtkinsRéalis stand out from talent competitors?

Our new brand takes employees' opportunities at AtkinsRéalis to another level. Our people can explore a smorgasbord of roles across the construction sector and support services, not to mention the many geographies. Our work-winning and delivery capability means we're involved in most major global projects. This presence means that the range of clients and projects we can access creates a myriad of opportunities to supercharge our people's careers.

What have you worked on that you're most proud of?

I've worked in residential, casinos, education, aviation, water, healthcare, and rail - and my proudest moment is in education. During the recession, we launched a modular building business, transforming steel frames into innovative classrooms. Our venture supported a Barking and Dagenham primary school, overcoming space shortages without encroaching on its vital sports field.

Using a lightweight modular design, we ingeniously placed new classrooms within an old courtyard, even navigating a 200-tonne crane as the Olympic Torch passed the school! The joy of returning pupils and teachers to their new space was a proud milestone, showcasing our commitment to preserving community values while innovating in education.

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