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Insights AI can't deliver my project, but can speed up the job.

Hello. My name is Edith. I am a project manager at AtkinsRéalis, and my passion is using advanced technology to deliver smart, sustainable buildings. In my blog, I discuss the exciting changes I see in digital construction and how I've developed my career since joining our Project Delivery Practice just over two years ago.

Photo of Edith smiling towards the camera

The challenges and opportunities I find most interesting right now

The construction industry is undergoing digital transformation, marked by the integration of technology and new ways of working such as BIM, AI, Robotics, and virtual reality, just to name a few, which offer a significant opportunity to enhance efficiency, collaboration, and driving sustainability in projects.

Despite these advancements, we're still faced with technology integration, data silos arising from data security and ownership gaps across the collaborating teams, regulatory compliance, etc. Overcoming these hurdles is crucial to leverage digital innovation and drive a more sustainable data-driven approach to design, procurement construction, asset management, and smarter infrastructure.

Change and technologies are opportunities to improve project performance and deliver better results. It's about efficiency, effectiveness, and adopting processes and workflows that drive project success through automation and eliminating repetitive tasks.

The solution doesn't always need to be complex."

We're using digital in new ways to engineer a better future

Each step towards carbon reduction counts, and each decision made today in the projects we are involved in is grounded on the 'why' we are doing it. With the advancement in technology, more data-driven approach in the project lifecycle, and decarbonization, there is certainty in engineering a better future that is sustainable, equitable, and beneficial for all. It requires collaboration, foresight, and commitment to solving today's challenges, and we are on track with this.

It changes how industry big thinkers go about developing their careers

As the construction industry continues to evolve, future project professional must be agile in their approach and embrace technology, challenge technology, commit to continuous learning, drive a collaborative approach to projects, and invest in data literacy in the project. Because the future is all about data.

It means being adaptable and agile—a forward-thinking leader, ready for new challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing industry. It's staying up-to-date with the regulatory framework—keeping in touch with the professional network, exchanging information, and learning from best practices. Most importantly, it's about a client-driven approach—where clients' needs and goals form the foundation for delivering tangible value, meeting timelines, budget, quality, safety, and sustainability.

Throughout my career journey at AtkinsRéalis, I have transitioned through various roles, from assistant project manager to digital design delivery manager and now 4D implementation lead, all driven by business needs and ambition for digital innovation and project delivery."

I've developed my career on diverse projects

I enjoy the supportive and collaborative environment, delivering exciting projects with colleagues from all over the world. The dynamic challenges of each project are enjoyable, offering continuous opportunities to innovate and deliver value. And there are diverse opportunities—I've worked on projects within the water industry, including defence.

I am now working on Sizewell C as a 4D implementation lead. This has been a huge step in my career, joining the project as a digital design delivery manager. With a passion for digital innovation, I have been involved in providing award-winning solutions to our clients.

Being nominated for the European Women in Construction and Engineering Awards 2024, Digital Innovation category, and becoming a Finalist has made it even more rewarding, provided inspiration, and reflects the supportive and collaborative approach of the project team in career development.

I have support that turns challenges into triumphs

Transitioning into a new role as a project manager after working as a graduate architect was challenging, especially when I was still acclimatizing to new regulations and new ways of working, having moved from Kenya to pursue an MSc in construction project management.

My line manager and team's support made a significant difference in my career and ensured I was well-equipped to do my job. For instance, I was nominated for the AtkinsRéalis' women's leadership program, Inspire. This played a significant role in building my confidence back in my role and has helped me manage my imposter syndrome.

In addition, the support and guidance provided by my line manager and the comprehensive onboarding process to teams and projects ensured I got up to speed with project delivery processes and governance procedures.

Life/work at AtkinsRéalis is about thriving

We highly prioritize an inclusive culture. Teamwork and open communication are strongly emphasized, and everyone's input counts. Diversity and differences are seen as opportunities to innovate and think differently. Putting employee well-being first is also significant. My family is abroad, and the company has supported me in ensuring flexibility around my work and leave days so that I can visit family back in Kenya.

I'm proud to #MakeItBrilliant at AtkinsRéalis

#MakeItBrilliant is a hashtag we use to celebrate our work, culture, and impact. I am pleased to be part of a diverse team where each day is about doing things better through innovation and challenging the norm. The culture encourages thinking outside the box, which means you continuously learn and grow. It's a community I am proud to be part of, making working here fulfilling. We're better at being agile and adapting to change quickly, allowing us to innovate faster and deliver value to clients.

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