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Insights How to supercharge your project delivery career

Hello, my name is Harry. I'm a design manager leading the creation of the first Civil Works Alliance for a significant new nuclear build. I started with AtkinsRéalis on our graduate development programme and seven years later I work in the Project Delivery Practice, benefiting from a wealth of experience across challenging, diverse projects.

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"The organization's breadth and depth of knowledge have always amazed me. I'm yet to find a problem or question that someone at AtkinsRéalis can't help, support, or solve."

People often ask how I've grown my career so quickly

The simple answer is that AtkinsRéalis offers a huge choice of opportunities across different countries, projects, industries, and teams. This means I've developed my career and skills on brilliant initiatives such as Heathrow, Bridgewater Tidal Barrier, Beckton Sewage Treatment Works, Hinkley Point C, and now Sizewell C. My roles have included solving technical issues and implementing our solutions, such as devising better delivery strategies to improve project efficiency.

My career-boosting secondment abroad

At an early stage in my career, I went on a six-month secondment to our Global Technology Centre in Bangalore, India. I've always been an avid traveler, so I was comfortable being thrust into a new environment. Plus, I had great support from my India colleagues, human resources, and previous secondees. However, the role I was seconded into was a step up in responsibility. I thrived with invaluable support from numerous mentors and senior staff, who were always available to bounce ideas off and offer advice.

My graduate secondment role had a significant impact

I'm passionate about highlighting the differences in work cultures, environments, and teams to improve overall communication and operations. I played a key role in bridging our teams across different countries, which resulted in the creation of our infrastructure graduate scheme. This also led to many more secondments on my project and others. My initial six-month secondment extended to two years, during which I made cherished friends and memories.

"One of the most rewarding things I found all these projects had in common, was the ability to truly make a significant impact on a meaningful scale."

I'm growing my career on projects that interest 'me'

I am drawn to large projects with complex interfaces, challenging targets, and ambitious objectives. I enjoy applying lessons learned from previous roles to better my future projects. I also value sharing knowledge collaboratively to improve the engineering industry holistically. I would not have been able to do this without the support and opportunities at AtkinsRéalis.

Harry with his colleagues at an event.

"I've always felt comfortable and encouraged to follow my path of interest at AtkinsRéalis, which has enabled me to develop my career exponentially. The flexibility and support I’ve enjoyed are a key reason I am where I am today."

My job has stayed rewarding

Besides having access to a multitude of learning and training opportunities, I also have the time and flexibility to find new ways to use innovation and digital tools. This helps enhance the impact of my work. With AtkinsRéalis, I can work for diverse companies across different countries, meet brilliant individuals in the field, and increase my knowledge by working closely with professionals from different backgrounds and areas of expertise. This motivates me day to day.

Why we can engineer a better future for the planet and its people

Working on major large-scale projects, specifically nuclear, I am seeing first-hand the individual impact engineering can make. From what we design to the function use of the projects completed, we as engineers can make a difference for the future and better our planet as we work towards Net Zero 2050. The difference we can make upfront on large-scale projects can make a physical and meaningful difference to not just carbon emissions and Net Zero but also huge social and economic impacts. At its core, engineering is creative problem-solving—to provide a better future, we must use this skill and mindset.

Why it's a great time to join our Project Delivery Practice

Our Project Delivery Practice is essential for the success of any engineering project. We're also involved in a wide variety of projects across AtkinsRéalis. With increasing demand, you'll find numerous roles and opportunities across the UK and worldwide. Despite the fast-paced environment, AtkinsRéalis puts employee wellbeing at the forefront through core values and our flexible working culture, making it an incredible place to work.

How I'm thriving in my role at AtkinsRéalis

At AtkinsRéalis, we’re encouraged to reflect on the achievements and daily tasks that make our work meaningful and impactful. I take on new challenges and opportunities every single day. I support and learn from talented, experienced, and diverse AtkinsRéalis staff. I'm continuously improving in my role and positively impacting my project and team daily.

I feel that AtkinsRéalis' level of support through its extensive network is a huge asset. It allows you to continuously excel in your career and development and provides excellent opportunities for future progression.

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