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Insights Try AtkinsRéalis remote working and go where you feel most alive

Ciao! It's Vittorio. I joined AtkinsRéalis just under a year ago as Senior Event Manager in the Business Development and Engagement Team. My role involves looking after the AtkinsRéalis event strategy and helping deliver major national and regional events. Today, I want to share how our fantastic 20-day remote working policy benefit has boosted my work-life balance and opened up new avenues for personal growth.

Photo of Vittorio smiling towards the camera

Why AtkinsRéalis' 20-day work abroad policy is a no-brainer

Thanks to all the technological advancements we have these days, we can work anywhere without being tied to one location. Of course, how effective you are directly depends on your own discipline and initiative. But, as long as you have a solid foundation, remote working can open up new opportunities to achieve that ideal balance between work responsibilities and personal needs.

Thanks to the remote working policy, I've visited my partner, currently working long-term in the Cayman Islands, and spent more time with my parents back in Italy."

How remote work enabled my amazing Cayman Islands experience

Working remotely from the Cayman Islands was definitely a highlight of my international work experience. While out there, making the most of the five-hour time difference was fantastic. I've always been an early bird, so it was no problem getting up very early (at 4:30am!), working roughly the same pattern as back in the UK, and then having the whole afternoon/evening to enjoy long walks along the beach. It was basically like having two full days in one and definitely a win-win for that work/life balance I was talking about!

Applying for AtkinsRéalis' international remote is simple

To be honest, it was a super easy process. At first, I was a little apprehensive about bringing this up with my line manager; however, they were really understanding and encouraged me to take full advantage of the remote working policy, which is there precisely to support employees' personal needs. After that, all it took to complete the process was filling out a simple form online, and the request was immediately approved.

Spending time with my loved ones without sacrificing annual leave is a massive benefit. And, with a little planning, I could work effectively AND fully experience an unforgettable destination."

Here's how I manage my time effectively when remote working

It's all about planning, communication, and establishing a routine like you would at home. Ensure you set expectations for your team members and colleagues regarding what they can expect. Let everyone you work with know that you're working remotely, what your circumstances are, and how they may impact your day-to-day work. For example, responses may be delayed, and your core hours may change, so ask to schedule meetings for times convenient to you and your team members. Of course, things are not always so black and white, so if you're experiencing issues, flag these to your manager so that you can find ways to adjust your work settings effectively.

Looking after your own wellbeing should always be a top priority

While I understand it may be difficult sometimes due to work pressure, it is worth exploring the opportunities the remote working policy provides. Carrying out your responsibilities while spending time with your loved ones or exploring somewhere new you've always wanted to go can work wonders for your mental health and work productivity levels!

AtkinsRéalis' international remote working policy reflects the company's commitment to employee wellbeing and places trust at the foundation of the employer-employee relationship."

Remote work renews your motivation and connections

It was really energizing and motivating for me to spend time with the people I love while working remotely. Knowing we have that resource available has definitely made me feel closer to them. It has eased the sense of loneliness that we ex-pats can sometimes feel when working far away from home. Having a change of scenery has also made me feel energized and more inspired in my approach to my day-to-day duties.

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