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Insights Unlock planning careers in Saudi Arabia with AtkinsRéalis

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has seen a surge in construction projects in recent years. 

With a heightened focus on increasing tourism and shifting the economy away from a reliance on oil in line with Saudi Vision 2030, KSA is an attractive location for professionals to take their planning careers with AtkinsRéalis.

Numerous giga-projects are already underway in the nation. Each of these projects embodies innovation and groundbreaking sustainability, things that resonate very closely with our own mission.

Are planning engineers in demand in Saudi Arabia?

With KSA’s plans for a high-tech future, planning engineers are in high demand.

Due to the nation’s significant growth and transformation, key projects like NEOM and the Red Sea Project are creating a substantial need for skilled planning engineers. 

These professionals are vital for ensuring projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards. 

As well as planning engineers, there’s also a demand for planning managers and planning controls managers. 

We’ve broken down each role to provide you insight as to what you can expect when you bring your planning career to Saudi Arabia with AtkinsRéalis.

Planning Engineer

Planning engineers transform ambitious ideas into reality, making sure every complex project unfolds seamlessly.

When it comes to planning engineer jobs in Saudi Arabia, you’ll be involved in crafting sustainable solutions that connect people, data, and technology to transform the nation’s infrastructure and energy systems.

By working alongside a multidisciplinary team, you’ll establish a baseline schedule while evaluating current procedures to create more efficient processes. 

Your expertise will enable you to report on project performance and recommend modifications to meet project milestones at the forefront of innovation. 

We've compiled some useful information if you’re interested in learning more about planning engineer job descriptions and interview preparation tips.

Planning Manager

Planning managers in Saudi Arabia play a critical role by overseeing the development, implementation, and monitoring of project schedules.

As a Planning Manager at AtkinsRéalis, you’ll be assisting with project execution plans as well as the preparation of strategic programmes from design and procurement to construction.

Effective resource allocation is a key part of this role too. Your day-to-day will involve managing labor, equipment, and materials to ensure the project remains on schedule and within budget.

When you take your planning management career to Saudi Arabia, you’ll oversee state-of-the-art projects that are shaping the future of tomorrow for generations to come. 

Planning Controls Manager

When you contribute your professional expertise in planning controls management to some of the prominent mega projects in the KSA, you’ll be playing a pivotal role in managing project schedules in multidisciplinary teams.

Some of your key responsibilities will include coordinating design, procurement, and construction, and ensuring that all project stages are meticulously planned from initiation to completion.

Using your knowledge and know-how, you’ll monitor progress, identify trends, and make strategic suggestions to maintain timelines. Your expertise will directly contribute to the success of some of these ambitious projects in the nation.

Unlock your planning career in Saudi Arabia

The KSA is in a dynamic period of growth, innovation, and development. 

It’s an exciting time to consider moving your planning career to Saudi Arabia where you can work on developments like NEOM, The Line, and the Red Sea Project.

Joining our team of professionals means making change happen by playing a vital role in driving the construction boom in the region. But that’s not all.

When you choose AtkinsRéalis for your career, you can progress your career in your way in a team driven by possibilities. You’ll be put in the driving seat and given the tools you need to succeed.

Join AtkinsRéalis in Saudi Arabia to enhance your planning career in a place dedicated to innovation, sustainability, and engineering Net Zero.