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Insights The role of infrastructure in the Saudi Vision 2030

Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision is set to mark one of the most radical changes in the nation’s history as it represents a major transformation of the economy, built environment, appeal to tourists and more.

The Vision 2030 blueprint organises Saudi Arabia’s unique strengths and capabilities into a long-term strategic plan to address the core challenges of diversifying the KSA economy and propelling the country into a new era.

Infrastructure will play a key role in the success of the Saudi 2030 Vision as the nation so far committed to almost $1 trillion worth of construction and real estate projects. With a range of projects set to transform the country, infrastructure experts across the globe are contributing to bringing the Saudi vision to life.

Saudi Arabia represents a significant opportunity for AtkinsRéalis and our expertise in sustainable development can be valuable to The Kingdom. We are set to spearhead the sustainable drive in Saudi Arabia and improve infrastructure practices to promote a better quality of life in the region.

Here, we take a look at the role of infrastructure in Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision.

Saudi Arabia landscape at night

Achieve sustainability goals

Sustainability has been at the heart of Vision 2030 since its inception. Saudi Arabia is now ushering in a new era as the Kingdom aims to reach Net Zero by 2060. This announcement is in line with wider Vision 2030 ambitions to accelerate the energy transition, achieve sustainability goals, and drive a new wave of investment.

A rapid redesign and development of the built environment and energy supply infrastructure is required to ensure a more sustainable future. Buildings, transportation, energy systems and more must all be built with sustainability at the forefront of the planning. Without this, Saudi Arabia will struggle to achieve its goals for 2030. Infrastructure plays a huge role in the future of Saudi Arabia and projects such as the Saudi Green Initiative and NEOM are currently being implemented which, when achieved, will drastically improve the outlook of the nation.

Improve the quality of life for citizens

A thriving society is essential for realising the Vision and laying a solid foundation for economic growth. One of Saudi Arabia's key objectives is to create a society in which every citizen lives a happy and meaningful life, with a quality of living that offers a safe and secure environment for families, as well as access to state-of-the-art health care facilities and education.

Modern infrastructure is a vital cog in improving the quality of life of Saudi citizens. Improved transportation in addition to creating more facilities for sports, culture and entertainment are all key elements of the Saudi Vision 2030. Additionally, sustainable infrastructure is a key element of economical and social development, thus the projects in place are set to improve the living conditions for all natives.

Building a thriving economy

Saudi Arabia is known for having the world's largest crude oil reserves and for being an oil-based economy. However, with the need for sustainable energy sources growing, Saudi Arabia’s construction sector is generating opportunities to move beyond economic dependency on the oil industry.

As part of the Saudi Vision 2030, healthcare infrastructure is set to receive $66.67 billion in investment, and the energy sector will be subject to a high-tech digital upgrade. Construction is also underway on a number of schools, hospitals and industrial hubs across the Kingdom.

Additional areas drawing investment include chemical, mining and metals, information technology, industrial and manufacturing; there is also great opportunity to invest in real estate, hospitality, sustainable energy, tourism, and smart cities .

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's innovative infrastructure efforts are attracting more worldwide attention, benefiting the country's leisure, tourism, and entertainment industries. Similarly, the profitable opportunities appearing throughout this large range of sectors are highly encouraging for investors in Saudi Arabian infrastructure projects. As the developments within the country continue to grow, so will the economy and the nation can achieve economic prosperity beyond oil.

Join AtkinsRéalis in helping Saudi Arabia achieve their vision

At AtkinsRéalis , we have a strong and growing presence in Saudi Arabia, and we’ve helped to deliver some of the most innovative projects in the country, including the Riyadh Metro and At-Turaif District in Diriyah. Sustainability and the protection of the environment are a priority in all we do because we know the impact they can have on future generations to come.

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