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Meet Associate Director and Practice Manager Charity, one of our change-makers at AtkinsRéalis UK. Charity started out in mechanical building services engineering, where she achieved chartered status before diving into project management. 

She has headed projects across varied sectors, including secure facilities, data centers, aviation, rail, and water. From new builds to refurbishments, her expertise is as diverse as it is extensive. As the Practice Manager for our Project Delivery Practice in Epsom and the South East, Charity leads a talented group of Project Managers, Project Directors and planners.

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Charity shares her insights on our diverse projects and people in this interview. And how, with our varied backgrounds and perspectives, we come together and thrive.

Hello Charity, what's exciting about the work you're doing right now?

Looking at the huge variety of projects the team is working on, you can see the significant impact that AtkinsRéalis is having across the UK and the wider world. Many of the sectors we work on are continually growing and we're ready to help with our innovative designs, technical expertise, and digital tools.

Please give us a flavor of some of the diverse projects and exciting innovations the team is working on.

The PDP teams are on an assorted portfolio of projects currently, including Heathrow airport, Sizewell C, Havant Thicket Reservoir and Teesworks.

What has been the most enjoyable aspect of your time at AtkinsRéalis?

Apart from seeing a project go from drawings to walking round a completed building, I've enjoyed working across a wide range of sectors at all stages of design and construction. This has allowed me to choose and pursue the sector I enjoy the most! I also enjoy working AtkinsRéalis as there are so many opportunities outside of the traditional project scope – such as getting involved with the markets and bid teams, STEM outreach programmes, social value opportunities and of course the team socials.

What aspect of work has been the most demanding for you?

When you work on so many varied projects, there are always tough questions—sometimes from testing personalities! However, I've been mentored by some brilliant project managers and directors who have helped me adapt to different work styles while remaining commercially aware. This has helped me feel confident and ready for any challenges that might be heading my way.

What might surprise people working at our competitors about life at AtkinsRéalis?

Our team is very technically diverse. Many colleagues are from technical backgrounds, including engineering or architecture. We've also got a growing group of ex-service personnel and people from different sectors. But now, we're all working as project managers on some of the world's largest, highest-risk, and highest-value infrastructure projects.

Can we really engineer a better future?

Yes! By listening to the passion so many of our technical leaders demonstrate, we are clearly engineering for a better future. At AtkinsRéalis, experts and leaders address today's big issues beyond traditional engineering. We're pushing the boundaries of technology and making them a reality on all scales. For me, it's great to see this include our local EDAROTH sustainable housing projects all the way through to the international mega-scale projects.

How do you #MakeItBrilliant in your role?

At AtkinsRéalis, I've had the opportunity to shape the career I aspire to have through diverse opportunities.

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