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Emerging technology

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Our research suggests that our younger colleagues are tech savvy and hyper-connected, but the speed of technological change they’re experiencing is unprecedented. So, does this concern them?

Overall, we’ve found Gen Z to be eager adopters of wearable and networked devices. The Internet of Things (IoT) is likely to have the greatest impact on their lives. Millennials, on the other hand, are more excited about self-driving cars and artificial intelligence.

Both generations see significant potential for new technology to transform the way we work. Three-quarters of the 1,600 respondents to a survey by a professional services firm (76%) agree it will change the nature of the work they do. Two-thirds (66%) think new technologies will enable them to increase their productivity and over half (52%) believe it will allow them to focus on more interesting and ‘value added’ work. Despite widespread uncertainty – and in some cases, fear – over the impact of new technology, only 17% of respondents say it will decrease the number of jobs available to them.1

Graphic showing what young people think technology will have a significant impact on. 62% think it will impact their job/ career, 38% think it will impact their travelling & mobility, 32% think it will impact their shopping/lifestyle and 45% think it will impact studying/ learning

Source: World Economic Forum – Global Shapers Survey 2017


In North America, young people have told researchers they believe the energy (23%), healthcare (18%) and education (15%) sectors will benefit the most from the adoption of the latest technologies.2

In Europe, under 35 year-olds in countries including the UK, say it’s manufacturing (27%), followed by the energy (19%) and healthcare (16%) sectors.

And what do they see as being the next big thing? Respondents believe artificial intelligence (28%), as well as biotechnology (12%) and robotics (9%), could transform our lives.

Graphic showing that 27% of Gen Z believes they will have robots for coworkers in the next decade

Source: InsideSales.com – The State of Artificial Intelligence 2017 

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