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Insights Supporting Norway’s Sustainable Transport Vision

The Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communication mandated Jernbaneverket (JBV) to assess High Speed Rail (HSR) in Norway. In particular they wanted to look at how it could contribute towards a more socio-economically efficient, and sustainable transport system.

Enabling Change

Atkins received a contract worth over £1m to provide market, financial and economic assessments. Our team’s key challenge was to develop a new appraisal framework for the new HSR mode. We developed a tailored mode choice model to establish parameters specific to Norway.

Our teams also developed HSR’s capital and operating cost models, comparing Norwegian HSR with that in other countries. We added significant valued to the project by creating a robust, evidence based platform for HSR investment and development, along with detailed methods for future development, providing client support, and advising on delivery structures.

Leading In Expertise

The work for this project was split into six contracts over two phases, Atkins was the only contractor whose commission was extended from Phase 2 to Phase 3. We also ended the project as the lead for three of the six contracts.

After successfully completing the project, we received a direct lead from EU funded Coinco North to do a feasibility study on another high speed connection between Oslo and Copenhagen, via Gothenburg.

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