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Insights Teams from Asia Pacific shine at MERIT 2018 final

AtkinsRéalis is the first consultancy company to launch young professional group. AtkinsRéalis Young Professionals (AYP) was established in 2011, it consists of young members from different departments. AYP aims to maintain a high standard of the profession and to raise the standing and visibility of young professionals.  Besides, it promotes AtkinsRéalis to other engineering organizations for knowledge and experience sharing.

Management Enterprise Risk Innovation and Teamwork (MERIT) is an International Construction Business Game offering a simulated environment for young engineers to handle complex business scenarios; it is supported by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) since 1988.  MERIT trains young professional engineers in company, business and financial management.  It develops disciplined decision-making, teamwork and leadership.

2018 is another year of success for AtkinsRéalis’ teams at the MERIT games. Team AtkinsRéalisAmigos from Hong Kong has won third place in the final.

They said “It was an amazing experience. Although it’s in a simulating environment, it is a great opportunity for us to gain valuable insight and experience in running a complex business in our sector. The opportunity to be exposed to different and more aspects of the construction business than what we are working on day to day, is very important to broaden our horizon for career development.”

The senior sponsor of AYP congratulated the win, “The AtkinsRéalisAmigos team continued a true tradition of success for teams from Hong Kong which we are all very proud of. The commitment they showed in getting to this level, mostly in their own time, never fails to amaze me. The initiative, organisational skills and ability they showed to beat over 104 teams is hugely impressive.”