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Insights 5 skills that you need to list on your mechanical engineer resume

Mechanical engineers play a key role in designing and shaping complex projects, and to have a successful career in this field you will need a variety of skills and experience—plus the know-how to convey your expertise on your mechanical engineering resume.

Aside from having completed a degree in a related field, be it mechanical engineering or electrical engineering, it’s also important to have both hard and soft skills on your resume to set you apart from the competition.

At AtkinsRéalis, our mechanical engineers are valued members of talented, hard-working teams, innovating from the outset and facing problems head-on. Here are five key skills that we recommend you list on your mechanical engineering resume to help get you through to the interview stage:

image of a man operating heavy machinery


Creativity is a fundamental skill that engineers from any discipline will need, particularly when it comes to designing and drawing mechanical systems. It allows mechanical engineers to effectively develop a project from complex designs, visualizing the bigger picture whilst maintaining consideration for the finer details.

On that note, attention to detail is definitely an attribute worth listing on your mechanical engineering resume.

Employers will want to know that you’re capable of adapting designs and accounting for all the various aspects of a project. Knowing where vital systems, machinery or equipment will be best located is a core competence that you should demonstrate when applying for a mechanical engineering position.


If your professional aspiration is to secure a mechanical engineering job, you’ll need to demonstrate sound technical skills, an understanding of mechanical engineering principles, and their application to varied projects and domains.

But that’s not the whole picture:

Showing you can innovate will help you be in with a better chance of getting your mechanical engineering resume noticed.

Demonstrating your ability to approach complex problems in creative ways is a surefire way to garner interest from employers—and is a skill you should place front and centre on your mechanical engineering resume.


Problem-solving is a helpful skill to master in any job, and in construction, it’s absolutely essential.

Mechanical engineers must apply a range of principles to deliver successful project outcomes, manage complex technical challenges, and be directly accountable for the quality and outcomes of engineering projects.

However, construction projects often run into challenges. It’s therefore imperative for all engineers to be able to effectively problem solve, keep calm under pressure, and be prepared to seek out rational solutions to any issues that may crop up on the job.


Have you been trained in sustainability? Do you have career experience in environmentalism or geoscience? You should certainly list this on your mechanical engineering resume.

Climate change continues to be central to the global environmental plan, influencing decisions and the trajectory of the energy sector—which is why AtkinsRéalis is committed to supporting renewable energy and energy storage projects.

With the recent COP26 conference highlighting the need to accelerate the environmental agenda, sustainability has never been more important for mechanical engineering jobs. Employers value mechanical engineers’ resumes that show you can factor in green solutions in the design stage, reducing the need to cut down on emissions post-build.


Mechanical engineering jobs require you to collaborate as part of a team, with each professional applying their varied skills and experience from which colleagues can learn. Depending on the sector or project you are involved in, you might be working with project managers, civil engineers, structural engineers, or electrical engineers.

On your mechanical engineer resume, you should therefore be able to demonstrate interpersonal and stakeholder relations skills that enable you to communicate with both the team and clients. Show your potential employers that you thrive working in a dynamic environment.

By being genuinely collaborative, our mechanical engineers at AtkinsRéalis grow in confidence and develop their skill sets to build a successful career path in the industry.

Mechanical engineering jobs in Ontario and beyond

At AtkinsRéalis in North America, we continuously deliver high-quality engineering and technical services that provide not just for our clients, but for societies too.

With expertise in a wide range of sectors including health, industrial, education, and data centres, we have built a strong reputation in the mechanical engineering discipline.

We achieve success by building and maintaining close relationships with our clients, using our resources efficiently and being flexible where possible to meet their needs. If you’re looking to make your next career move, apply for a mechanical engineering job in Canada today, or find out more about what the role of a mechanical engineer involves.