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Insights 4 reasons you should bring your career to Quebec

Canada is in the midst of a major transformation and the Towards Canada 2030 Agenda is set to help build a better and more prosperous country for future generations. The innovative project presents Canada with a monumental opportunity to positively shape the societies of tomorrow to grow and develop into a sustainable, diverse, and thriving environment.

Québec has a significant role to play in the future of Canada and major developments are in line to drastically improve the province. These developments will provide a multitude of new prospects for those working in construction, engineering, and various other sectors.

At AtkinsRéalis , we are committed to seizing these opportunities and providing prospects for ambitious individuals to build exciting careers delivering safe, sustainable, and innovative infrastructure for Canada’s future. Here, we outline four major reasons why you should consider bringing your career to Québec.

Scenic photo of Quebec at sunset

Contribute to sustainable developments

Québec is all about sustainability and approximately 99% of all energy produced in the province is renewable. The implementation of this clean, affordable source of energy is a key feature of Québec and gives workers an opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable future. With the 2030 plan for a Green Economy, the government is taking a new approach to decarbonizing infrastructure developments and improving the carbon footprint of the nation.

In addition, Québec recognizes buildings can also affect greenhouse gas emissions through the materials used to construct them, especially when those materials’ lifespans are taken into account. The government is also encouraging the use of materials with a lower carbon footprint, such as wood or other bio-based materials. Therefore, by bringing your career to Québec, you can contribute to a greater future for the province, Canada, and the world.

Québec is a major economic hub

Economic growth in Québec last year outpaced every other province in Canada for the first time in its history, which is a testament to its growth over the last decade. With GDP growth of more than six percent in 2021, Québec’s economy bounced back from the COVID-19 pandemic and is now thriving and offering a range of career opportunities.

Sectors of excellence such as ICT and green building development are all in need of skilled workers, who are in high demand. These sectors, amongst others, are strengthening the province’s position and enhancing the standing of Québec, making it an excellent place to forge a career.

A fantastic place to advance your career

The demand for engineers is on the rise in Québec which makes it an ideal region to progress your career. Infrastructure projects are being built in communities across the province. These infrastructure projects not only improve the everyday lives of Canadians, but also attract the talent and substantial investment that communities need to create new jobs and business opportunities.

Across Québec, the government’s investments in contemporary, innovative infrastructure are helping to build improved transportation systems, cleaner drinking water facilities, and build inclusive communities. As one of the most rapidly progressing regions in Canada, Québec could provide you with a wealth of opportunities to fulfill your working potential and take your career to the next level.

An inclusive region and diverse workforce

As a country, Canada is progressive and multicultural, and a place where diversity is promoted and embraced. Emphasis is placed on the importance of maintaining momentum within diversity and inclusion initiatives, and Québec is working on improving equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in the workplace.

For example, the city of Montréal has committed to actively encouraging diversity and inclusion within its workforce. Québec’s aim is for its workforce to reflect the fantastic diversity of its population and to combat systemic discrimination. Research shows that a diverse workforce is more productive, more innovative and offers a greater employee experience.

By forging your career in an environment that values the richness of diverse talent, you can improve your working experience and start ticking off your professional goals.

Advance your career in Canada with AtkinsRéalis

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